Saturday, May 12, 2012

11 months!

This last month was so much fun!  Paxton is such a fun little guy.  He crawls around the house making a huge mess wherever he goes, but he is so easily entertained!  He loves to throw balls, and throw cars, and throw sippy cups, and, well, I guess he just loves to throw.  He also enjoys wrestling!  It is so funny to wrestle with an 11 month old.  When he goes to tackle, he crawls up onto his opponent and then lays his head down on them in tackle position!  His other favorite thing is dancing.  Lay down a beat and the kiddo bops.  It's adorable.  OH and he ROCKS out in church!  It's hard to hold him because he is grooving so much with the music!  He is also pulling up and cruising.  Oh, and he says "mama" :)

Here he is sleeping...oh goodness a sleeping child warms my heart.

He loves to swing too, especially when being entertained by all the other kids running around.  Here he is holding Drake's beloved dog "Charlie".  This didn't last long, but it was a big deal that Drake shared.
 He still sucks his thumb while holding a blanket (or anything he can hold) when he is tired.  Sometimes I will find him hiding in a bedroom behind the door holding a little stuffed animal while thumb sucking.  So cute!
 Love this pic of Daddy and his boy!  Precious.
I can not believe he is going to be ONE in less than a month!  This year has gone so fast.  These kids are growing so fast...longest days, shortest years.