Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spaghetti times three...

Jenna, 16 months, spaghetti face
Elsie, 11 months old, spaghetti face
Paxton, 10 months old, spaghetti everywhere
My kids love spaghetti :)

Friday, April 13, 2012


Today I was in get-er-done mode...
and all I could see what the mounds and mounds
of things to needed do. So much to do. SO MUCH.

But following me around was a little 4 year old who didn't like my mode.
We were both getting a little frustrated with each other. So, I (begrudgingly) focused on the few tasks that were necessary for the day...make a few meals for friends in need, be with my children. That's all for today.

And so Elsie and I played in the dirt together. She gathered together all the worms we were finding so that they could be a family. She even sang "You are my Sunshine" while rocking a worm to sleep. We looked at the roly-polys, and let the lady bugs climb up our arms.
It was one of those moments that I want to remember. I soaked up the joy of raising children. I am so thankful that God helped me to have a better perspective on my day today. Thank you Lord.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ten Months!

This first year keeps flying by! Paxton is 10 months now and becoming more fun and full of personality. The siblings are having more fun together now that Paxton is so interactive. The girls love to hang out with Paxton. And he loves them. He's a fun little guy :)

His Great-Aunt Sandra bought him a Sooner jersey...daddy is jealous :)
We spent spring break in California visiting all our family down there. Here's Paxton playing catch with his Great-Granny Alice. He LOVES to play ball. He grunts when he throws the ball!
Cute picture of the cousins with their Poppy and Mimi
Tea parties with Mimi is a tradition the girls look forward to each time they have time with Meems. Paxton got to have his first one and he loved it. He sat in the big (little) chair and chowed down. Masyn was more interested in stealing tea cups :)
The Pax-man is starting to pull up a little bit. He gets on his knees a lot. I hope he walks soon so that we don't do a lot of crawling at parks this summer. He already loves eating bark chips. Yuck. In this picture, Paxton crawled to the window to watch daddy mow the lawn. He was banging his hand on the door and giving the door kisses while watching daddy hard at work. It was so precious!
And here's Trouble, in the art cabinet. His FAVORITE thing to do is open and close doors. Big doors, cabinet doors, all doors. And when there are amazingly fun treasures hidden behind the door, well that is super fun!
Easter morning...three precious cutie-pies!
Easter at Grandpa and Grandma's house. Look at Drakie, eyeing the pile that Paxton is exploring. I think it too all of Drake's will power to not clobber Paxton for touching his brother's eggs!
It's hard to believe that in two months he will be one. I have enjoyed my baby boy so much this year, but I am also very excited to watch him grow up and experience the different stages of life. I love being a mom!