Friday, February 10, 2012

8 months old!

Eight months was a big one for this little guy! He learned to clap, started eating some table foods, grew another tooth, experienced his first snow, and just in the past couple days has started to get up on his knees!

Here he is in the cutest little outfit. He was much happier this month.
Three sweet hearts.
Loving the bath
Actually, he LOVES the bath. It is his happy place.
In the snow for a quick picture. He wasn't too sure about it.
January was a beautiful month! We were even able to go to the park several times! Paxton seems to enjoy the outdoors, though he has already discovered a love for eating bark dust. Bummer!
He is saying "bububub" and "mamama" and "p-p-p". He sleeps on his tummy which is so adorable, plus it seems to help him fall asleep a lot quicker. He's sleeping pretty well and napping much better this month than last! Those 30 minute naps were not good! He seems to want to crawl REALLY bad and has begun to be a bit frustrated again so we will see what happens this month. He is growing up very, very VERY fast. As are the rest of the kids in this house!