Monday, January 30, 2012

7 months (a little late)

I am a little late with this update, but I better get it down before I forget. So, in Paxton's 7th month, he has been a busy little guy! He started reaching out his arms for us! SOOO fun! He started to babble a little more. He had his first Christmas! He got to spend time with his Poppy and Mimi, and cousin Masyn.

It was also a rough month full of teething and colds. But he made it through (we all did) and he gained an upper fang in the process :)

Here are some pictures from the month of December...

BIG kisses from Masyn
Poppy with all his grands
Infatuated by the Christmas tree
Big boy! Sitting strong and looking old!
Three sweeties ready for Church on Christmas morning
Merry Christmas!
My parents with all their grands
Paxton loves to hold on to something while sucking his thumb.
Just 8 days until he is 8 months old! Yikes! I will post again soon. (As you may have noticed, this blog has taken a back seat to everything else in life right now. I use it just as my temporary baby book for Paxton for now. I wish I could blog more but oh well. Too much to do!!! I feel blessed.)