Friday, June 08, 2012

Happy Birthday Paxton!

Happy 1st Birthday Paxton!!  
One year ago today sweet Pax-man joined our family!

Dearest Pax-man, you are ONE!
You were not a big fan of being out of the womb... a week late!

 You cried for the first hour or so of life with the saddest little face.  You still have the sad face mastered with your square mouth cry and insta-tears.  But now you are a happy little guy!  
 You love to stand up, especially in the bath.  Look at that belly!  Adorable.  
 The kids love to play with you and laugh with you...and at you :)  You're so funny!
 You shake your head "no", sign "all done" when you are finished, scream at the top of your lungs when you need something (seriously buddy), and dance any time there is a beat.
 You love to discover new things and conquer new feats.  Your newest achievement is climbing...up stairs, onto the fireplace, and onto the couch (via the ottoman).  You loved these pinwheels at the beach!  You didn't like the sand, no matter now many times you tasted it :)
 This is my favorite cheese it up all the time with squinty eyes and a huge grin.  It just melts my heart.  How can you not smile when you see such joy!!  
What a year it has been!  Happy Birthday Pax-man!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

11 months!

This last month was so much fun!  Paxton is such a fun little guy.  He crawls around the house making a huge mess wherever he goes, but he is so easily entertained!  He loves to throw balls, and throw cars, and throw sippy cups, and, well, I guess he just loves to throw.  He also enjoys wrestling!  It is so funny to wrestle with an 11 month old.  When he goes to tackle, he crawls up onto his opponent and then lays his head down on them in tackle position!  His other favorite thing is dancing.  Lay down a beat and the kiddo bops.  It's adorable.  OH and he ROCKS out in church!  It's hard to hold him because he is grooving so much with the music!  He is also pulling up and cruising.  Oh, and he says "mama" :)

Here he is sleeping...oh goodness a sleeping child warms my heart.

He loves to swing too, especially when being entertained by all the other kids running around.  Here he is holding Drake's beloved dog "Charlie".  This didn't last long, but it was a big deal that Drake shared.
 He still sucks his thumb while holding a blanket (or anything he can hold) when he is tired.  Sometimes I will find him hiding in a bedroom behind the door holding a little stuffed animal while thumb sucking.  So cute!
 Love this pic of Daddy and his boy!  Precious.
I can not believe he is going to be ONE in less than a month!  This year has gone so fast.  These kids are growing so fast...longest days, shortest years.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spaghetti times three...

Jenna, 16 months, spaghetti face
Elsie, 11 months old, spaghetti face
Paxton, 10 months old, spaghetti everywhere
My kids love spaghetti :)

Friday, April 13, 2012


Today I was in get-er-done mode...
and all I could see what the mounds and mounds
of things to needed do. So much to do. SO MUCH.

But following me around was a little 4 year old who didn't like my mode.
We were both getting a little frustrated with each other. So, I (begrudgingly) focused on the few tasks that were necessary for the day...make a few meals for friends in need, be with my children. That's all for today.

And so Elsie and I played in the dirt together. She gathered together all the worms we were finding so that they could be a family. She even sang "You are my Sunshine" while rocking a worm to sleep. We looked at the roly-polys, and let the lady bugs climb up our arms.
It was one of those moments that I want to remember. I soaked up the joy of raising children. I am so thankful that God helped me to have a better perspective on my day today. Thank you Lord.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ten Months!

This first year keeps flying by! Paxton is 10 months now and becoming more fun and full of personality. The siblings are having more fun together now that Paxton is so interactive. The girls love to hang out with Paxton. And he loves them. He's a fun little guy :)

His Great-Aunt Sandra bought him a Sooner jersey...daddy is jealous :)
We spent spring break in California visiting all our family down there. Here's Paxton playing catch with his Great-Granny Alice. He LOVES to play ball. He grunts when he throws the ball!
Cute picture of the cousins with their Poppy and Mimi
Tea parties with Mimi is a tradition the girls look forward to each time they have time with Meems. Paxton got to have his first one and he loved it. He sat in the big (little) chair and chowed down. Masyn was more interested in stealing tea cups :)
The Pax-man is starting to pull up a little bit. He gets on his knees a lot. I hope he walks soon so that we don't do a lot of crawling at parks this summer. He already loves eating bark chips. Yuck. In this picture, Paxton crawled to the window to watch daddy mow the lawn. He was banging his hand on the door and giving the door kisses while watching daddy hard at work. It was so precious!
And here's Trouble, in the art cabinet. His FAVORITE thing to do is open and close doors. Big doors, cabinet doors, all doors. And when there are amazingly fun treasures hidden behind the door, well that is super fun!
Easter morning...three precious cutie-pies!
Easter at Grandpa and Grandma's house. Look at Drakie, eyeing the pile that Paxton is exploring. I think it too all of Drake's will power to not clobber Paxton for touching his brother's eggs!
It's hard to believe that in two months he will be one. I have enjoyed my baby boy so much this year, but I am also very excited to watch him grow up and experience the different stages of life. I love being a mom!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Nine months!

Another big month for Paxton (but isn't ever month pretty big when you are a baby!?)...he started to crawl! Yikes! And thus he started eating every tiny piece of anything he finds on the floor! He is always chomp, chomp, chomping on something, whether it's a sticker, some leftovers he threw on the floor during lunch, or a leaf that blew in the front door. Poor guy. He's very good now to open his mouth when he sees me coming. But sometimes he finds something new that he likes and he locks that jaw shut! Yesterday he found some red bell pepper, and today some jicama, both of which he loved and would not let go!

He also grew two more teeth bringing the total to SIX! You can't see them in these pictures but trust me, they're there. That seems like a lot of pearly whites for a nine month old. His top teeth have a big gap right now, just like Elsie's. I love that :)

He cuddles and snuggles when he is sleepy, but not until we are in the room near his bed. The picture above was a rare precious moment. I love holding a sleeping baby but can't too often...but when I do my heart melts. Ahhhh, precious moments.

He's so much happier now that his teeth are in and he can crawl around. He just wanders around the house checking things out. He also enjoys his toys more, meaning that he actually plays with them a little instead of just shoving them in his mouth to soothe his aching gums. Oh, and he loves to play peek-a-boo, especially with Elsie. It's fun to see the different ways the girls interact. They are both really REALLY good with him. He loves them both and smiles when he sees them. Lately when the girls are in the bath together, Paxton will wander into the bathroom and play a game with them. Here's the game; he pushes all the shampoos, conditioners, toys, etc off the ledge and into the bath and then the girls put them back. Then he pushes them back into the tub. Fun for all!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Birthday party!

This year for Jenna's big SEVEN, we did a Baking Themed Birthday party! It was so so fun! We made invites to look like recipe cards and invited a few friends from church, a few from school, and a couple from the neighborhood. Seven little girls joined the Elsie and Jenna made nine happy, hyper, excited little chefs!
We hung balloons from the ceiling...
And set up the first activity. The girls decorated their own chef hats!
Here they are hard at work.
This little sister did such a good job acting like a big girl for the party!
We played two games; a present game and kitchen bingo. The first was like musical chairs except you pass around a present when the music is playing and when it stops the person holding the gift gets to open it. But inside the gift was two they passed those around and then when the music stopped the two girls opened them to find 4 gifts, and then 9 gifts. Each ended up with a tiny gift to open. A starburst was inside. They giggled and giggled when each new present was revealed.
You can see in Julia's face especially how funny they found the game...
Next I told them that they were going to MAKE their OWN dinner! They all screamed with excitement and Julia said, "I can't even believe how awesome this is, I am going to fall over!" and then she fell over. Cracked me up! The girls wrapped mini hotdogs in cresent rolls. They were creative using forks and knives to decorate, some even making the rolls to look like dogs.
Here they are enjoying their feast. We also had them pass around the dinner items and serve their own plates. They were such big girls and so polite and helpful to each other.
The next baking they got to do was to decorate their own miniture cake! I put two cupcakes on top of each other, a small one on top of a bigger one and frosted them with white frosting. Then I put colored frosting into ziplock baggies and gave them sprinkles and let them have at it! They had such fun decorating!
Here's the big 7 year old at work!
Elsie and her creation. She was so proud :)
Happy birthday sweet girl!
We fit seven candles on the cake and sang happy birthday and then let the kids eat their entire cakes. And wow did it ever give them a sugar rush! Thankfully it was a beautiful day and so we sent them outside to run around in the sunshine! It was such a fun party.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Super duper update

Okay people, it is time for this blog to make a comeback! It has been hard to keep up with everything in life for a while but I am feeling like I have more time and can add blogging back in. Plus, I hate that I am not recording some of the precious things happening in the life of our little family! So, I'm not going to try and catch up on all the events I've missed, I'm just going to start up and go for it. So, life right now...

Paxton is precious. He's 8 1/2 months old and growing too fast. He's working on crawling, he can wave (it's a hand in the sky then a slow motion arm movement down and then up), he does the Wood family traditional "How big is Paxton...SOOO big" (we've been working on that so he's ready for his Mimi this month!). He's a champion eater, and it's hilarious to watch him. He picks up food with his fist, squishes it in his hand until the smashed food comes out on top by his thumb, and then eats it up. So messy. My very favorite thing ever is that when I bring him to his room for bedtime, the second I start singing to him his head drops to my shoulder...I mean the second I sing! It's precious. I love to cuddle him. But then he practically dives out of my arms into his bed after about 2 lines of the song. He sleeps on his tummy, bottom in the air, holding his blanket, sucking his thumb. My heart might burst thinking about how precious these moments in life are!!

Here we are snuggling together. Don't look too close at and hairstyles are a rarity right now. But my kids would rather I am with them than primping, right?

OH my dear darling Elsie Mae. She has grown up SOOOO much in this past few months. She is starting to gain some self control, and it has changed her life and ours. She is compassionate and loving. The worst thing in life to her is being left behind, which explains her frantic race to every activity. We say to her, "slow down, we aren't going to do anything without you" a lot and that seems to help. She could watch tv and play computer/wii all day if I let her, but I don't. She loves climbing, running, splashing in puddles, wrestling, and swinging. She is starting to know and write her letters, draw pictures, and sound out words...this is big for her since just 6 months ago I still couldn't get her to sit down for more than 2 minutes. She even sits to listen to several books in a row! Amazing :) She is so fun and funny. If this picture doesn't scream Elsie, I don't know what does :)

Jenna Lynn...she is doing SO well in life right now. She is growing in so many ways, excelling in school, trying new things, kind to her friends, and an all around star in my eyes. She is having a birthday! Sigh. I love walking through life with her, and hope she always opens up to me the way she does now. I need to remember to always give her the time and opportunity to do so. Right now, we put the two little kiddos to bed an hour before she goes, and so that is our special time. It's our grown up time together when she does her homework, we play a game that the littles can't play, we talk, we read, we laugh. It is very important and special to her and to us. She's also sensitive to the Gospel and to what God is teaching her. She is precious and working hard to be her best. She wants to be a 1st grade teacher when she grows up.

Below is Elsie looking very grown up. Another thing thing to mention about Elsie is that she went cold turkey on her dee-dee (blankie). We bought her a replacement stufffed animal and threw the two blankies away. She sucked on the corners so they were trashed and always wet, and starting to give her face a rash. Anyways, I was so nervous when we threw them away but she was ready for this big step and said goodbye like a pro.
Yes, I kept a little square for the baby book. It's so sentimental!

My days are spent caring for Weston and Drake three days a week. Elsie loves having her cousins over so much, and it has been a wonderful addition to our days. I love that I can stay home with my own kids, and make some income to help our with our income. We have lots of fun each day. Here they are doing some of their favorite activities...

Angry birds...
Obstacle course...
More crafts...

Paxton enjoys having all the action in the house. The more interactive he becomes, the more the kids enjoy having him around. Here he is doing his new "SOOOOO big!" trick.
Eric is doing well at work, moving up and forward in his career, working hard every day. He is currently at the busiest Sbux in Gresham which has been tough but a good learning experience. We are hopeful that he will move into his own store sooner than later.

We are also doing a new couples marriage Bible study that has been absolutely A-MAZ-ING. Adding a third baby was a harder transition on our family, especially on our marriage, than we were anticipating. So having this study to refocus on the Lord, our marriage, and what the Lord has for us as we raise our children has been perfect for us. It's never a bad time to work on improving a marriage!

So, that is the update on life here at the Wood household!!