Thursday, November 03, 2011


Wow, October came and went so fast! Anyways, here are some pictures from the activities we did surrounding Halloween...

I slyly talked both the kids out of the costumes they wanted to buy and talked them into these (their original ideas were a witch for Jenna and Jessie from Toy Story for Elsie, which is what she was last year). Anyways, they were SO excited to be a bee and a cowgirl once I showed them the outfits. I made Elsie's bee shirt out of a long sleeve halloween shirt that she won't be wearing anymore and an old yellow onsie. The onsie was too small for Paxton and not a favorite, so it was perfect! Everything else was from around the house and the costume bin!
The weekend before Halloween we headed to a Pumpkin patch that we haven't been to before. Eric was sick the day we were going to go, then it rained, and on this day he worked. So, my parents kindly met me there to help with the fun! And as we were unloading, the Schmidt's showed up! The kids were SO happy! Here are some pictures... Oh, by the way we LOVED this farm. We will definitely go here instead of Leipold because of the small farm feel (and for how empty it was!)

Jenna and Julia

Paxton chillin in the stroller
Chicken and baby chicks!
Paxton eating hay as I tried to get a picture of him
Grandpa and the Pax-man
Jenna and the pumpkins
Three silly kids
(it would have been 4 but I couldn't get Elsie to stand still for the pic)
The kids on the piggy ride - hilarious!

Eric had the kids draw pumpkin faces and then he carved their jack-o-lanterns. They were proud. I think they are adorable!

On Halloween night, my sister's family and my parents all came to our house for dinner and trick-or-treating. I think everyone had a great time! But it was craziness because of how excited the kids were!
Daddy and the teddy bear
Trick-or-treating at our neighbor's house (Jenna and Elsie's good friends)
It was a fun holiday! I am glad that it is still about costumes and candy, not scary spookiness.