Thursday, March 24, 2011

A day

Here was our day yesterday in pictures (and a few words)...

(We finally got to see the cousins for a little bit yesterday and they brought Jenna her birthday gift. Elsie took out the camera to document the event).

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Things to remember

Elsie is very observant, and it shows up in such funny ways. Mix an observant eye with a funny three year old and you get some comedy!

Today she was telling me this long story about how she needed help in the middle of the night, and how she thought it was me who came in to take her potty but it was dad, blah blah...and then she asked, "and why does daddy's underwear have pockets?" I was cracking up.

Then today she leaned in for a kiss and said, "no mom, I want to kiss like a princess." She turned her head at an angle and gave me a big old 'princess smooch!' Wow kiddo!

Another Elsie story... today I made her a lunch that she didn't like too much. So while I was on the phone, she left the table, pushed the chair over to the counter, and started making herself a pb& j sandwich! She is so independent.

Jenna has been really clingy lately, needing a lot more mommy time than normal. Maybe it's because she's been sick, or maybe she's lonely since it's spring break and she isn't around her friends. Either way, she has needed a lot of attention. So, we've been playing games and doing puzzles and doing projects together. She is literally at my heels all day right now :) Anyways, I taught her to play Yahtzee a couple weeks ago and it's been a blast! She is getting to the age where we get to play fun games that we both really enjoy!. How great is that! She is my little buddy :)

Baby boy has been moving like crazy. It's amazing to feel him move and to wonder what this little kiddo is going to be like. No name yet, but we are getting closer. And we have made some progress in preparations! Last weekend we painted his room, and today Eric started setting up the crib! We'll be ready little guy. The girls can't wait!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jenna's 6th Birthday!

Jenna turned 6 last week. Six. SIX! She is precious, and I love her so much! She loves reading (she amazes me, she learns like her daddy!), movies (again, just like her daddy), her new favorite game is yahtzee, she and our neighbor Haley could play together outside all day long (when the weather cooperates), she loves to laugh, and she is growing in the Lord daily.

We had a little friend party. All the little girls made her the sweetest cards. I am thankful that she has so many dear friends. We could have invited another 5 girls but I was a little overwhelmed with the idea of 8 girls by myself so I had to cut off the list. But I am so thankful for the lovely little ladies in her life.
The girls painted flower pots and did a great job. Even Elsie kept things clean and under control! These older kid bday parties are pretty fun! The girls also made their own ice cream sundaes. It was a fun day.
The following day we had a family party, but only my parents were able to come becuase my sister's family was down with all kinds of sicknesses. But it was really fun and special too.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Sheesh, this blog is slacking lately, and not too interesting! A quick update...

1. Today is our 8th wedding anniversary! We were able to get away to the beach for the weekend and it was AMAZING! I love my husband.

2. This little baby boy is getting big and coming soon! I need to get a move on the preparations! We're 1/2 way through March, then comes April. Then it's May which is practically the month that baby boy will be born. Time is flying. Sometimes too fast, sometimes not fast enough.

3. Eric's job promotion is going great, he is doing a great job. It has been a little tricky adjusting to his new schedule but we are starting to figure it out a little, or at least we are realizing that we need to figure it out :)

4. I love easter candy.

5. Jenna's birthday was last Friday, and we partied and made it a fun celebration for her. Hard to believe she is 6. I will post pictures soon.

6. The kitten's eyes are open and they are starting to walk just a little. I think it will be fun for a while, and then get a little overwhelming with kittens running around everywhere, and then sad to give them away. But with good homes it won't be as sad (hint, hint!)

7. OH! And we bought a van! Now to sell the ever faithful Toyota camry...

I guess that's it. Time to go clean the kitchen, and fold the laundry. And dust. And then later vacuum. At least I already cleaned the bathrooms!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Our sweet little Lucy had kittens a few days ago, and is is just about the cutest thing ever! We knew she was pregnant, and then all of a sudden she wasn't but we didn't know where the kittens were! It took a day to find them, but finally I found them all cozy in a down comforter under the girls bed. Lucy is being a great mom, and the girls are having incredible restraint not picking them up or bothering them too much. It will be fun when they start to run around and play! Here are a few looks just like Lucy, and one just like Linus.