Friday, December 09, 2011

Six months old!

Paxton is 6 months old! And here's what he's been up too...

His favorite toy is not a toy, it's paper. Newspaper, the church bulletin, a napkin. If he gets his hands on it he will quickly devour it. And if you take it away - OH MY - he will cry some seriously sad tears!

His happy place is in the bathtub. If he is having a rough night, a little bath will cheer the little guy right up.

He also enjoys the jonny-jumper-thingy. Oh, and he loves eating the seat belt in his feeding chair. That is what he plays with during dinner.

He's started on some more exciting foods lately. Peas were so-so. Carrots made his whole body tremble - yuck! But he LOOOOVES him some squash :)

December has been a cold but sunny month so far, allowing us to head to the park a few times lately! Here are some precious pictures I took of him at the park...

Personal fav...
Another thing he loves is grabbing faces and giving big sloppy smooches. It is endearing... and wet!
And here you can see how much these two look alike! Look at the eyes, the ears, the forehead...they are twins! Love it!

She is thankful...

From Jenna's November school Journal...

"I am thankfull. becase evry thing I need my mom or dad gets it. allso becase I have a house and cloce to wear. and my mom cooks dinner. and my dad goes to work so that we have food and water. and mostly all the time they try to get me what I want. i am thankfull."

Thursday, December 01, 2011


Well, I guess I am doing once a month posts now :) Here's pictures from the month of November.

Elsie taking good care of Paxton
Jenna receiving two school awards, one for character and one for attendance
(she's in the purple, waving)
Cutie pie looking older and older
and sitting up!! (and falling)
Jumping in the leaves

Thursday, November 03, 2011


Wow, October came and went so fast! Anyways, here are some pictures from the activities we did surrounding Halloween...

I slyly talked both the kids out of the costumes they wanted to buy and talked them into these (their original ideas were a witch for Jenna and Jessie from Toy Story for Elsie, which is what she was last year). Anyways, they were SO excited to be a bee and a cowgirl once I showed them the outfits. I made Elsie's bee shirt out of a long sleeve halloween shirt that she won't be wearing anymore and an old yellow onsie. The onsie was too small for Paxton and not a favorite, so it was perfect! Everything else was from around the house and the costume bin!
The weekend before Halloween we headed to a Pumpkin patch that we haven't been to before. Eric was sick the day we were going to go, then it rained, and on this day he worked. So, my parents kindly met me there to help with the fun! And as we were unloading, the Schmidt's showed up! The kids were SO happy! Here are some pictures... Oh, by the way we LOVED this farm. We will definitely go here instead of Leipold because of the small farm feel (and for how empty it was!)

Jenna and Julia

Paxton chillin in the stroller
Chicken and baby chicks!
Paxton eating hay as I tried to get a picture of him
Grandpa and the Pax-man
Jenna and the pumpkins
Three silly kids
(it would have been 4 but I couldn't get Elsie to stand still for the pic)
The kids on the piggy ride - hilarious!

Eric had the kids draw pumpkin faces and then he carved their jack-o-lanterns. They were proud. I think they are adorable!

On Halloween night, my sister's family and my parents all came to our house for dinner and trick-or-treating. I think everyone had a great time! But it was craziness because of how excited the kids were!
Daddy and the teddy bear
Trick-or-treating at our neighbor's house (Jenna and Elsie's good friends)
It was a fun holiday! I am glad that it is still about costumes and candy, not scary spookiness.

Friday, October 28, 2011


For the past few weeks, Paxton has been pretty cranky at dinner time. So, Eric and I take turns holding him through dinner and we just try to keep him happy until bedtime. Well, then he started opening his mouth every time he saw the spoon near him. And last week, he grabbed a handful of rice off my plate and almost shoved it in his mouth! I grabbed it before he could :) AND he stopped sleeping through the night...he is waking up at about 4am STARVING! So all that to say that we introduced rice cereal last night! Oh my goodness, he LOVED it. He figured the whole eating thing out immediately, and we couldn't get the spoon to him fast enough. It was hilarious. Anyways, here are a few pictures...

And working on rolling over...
(which he did that one night and hasn't done since)
Standing in his new toy (thanks Natalie!)
And showing off his teeth

Paxton and I have a very special bond. He just stares into my eyes when I sing to him, and he smiles when I come into a room. My heart just bursts. I love my kids so much.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Paxton 4 1/2 months

I guess I am doing updates at the 1/2 months :) Anyways, Paxton rolled over this evening! It was so cute. He hadn't even been practicing or trying, but tonight he hoisted his upper body up with his arms, leaned his head over and rolled from his tummy onto his back! He did it another three times after that. Sheesh he is growing up fast!

Hmm, what else? He has two teeth now, and the amount that he is drooling would say that more are on their way. No pictures of the teeth, I need to get on that. Oh and he LOVES the bath. He just splashes and coos the whole time.

At his 4 month appointment he weighed about 18 pounds. And look, he is getting a little bit of hair! Can you see it?

He is still chatty and giggly and soooo ticklish! He loves to be held, sweet boy. It's too bad that this pictures is so dark because I love his smile here.

And you can kind of see his chubby fingers too. I love chubby fingers. Jenna's are gone, Elsie's are starting to fade a bit, but Bubba will have his for another couples years. Precious.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bowling Birthday

Elsie's Birthday celebration started off at Red Robin. She LOVED being sung to while standing on the chair. In fact, Jenna sang to her again and she got right back up on that chair for more birthday attention :)
Then we hit the bowling lanes! It was a GREAT way to party! The men bowled (Ryan won!) and the kids bowled (Weston won!) Here's the whole crowd...
Jackson loves Paxton :) Paxton seems to love him too!
Jenna bowling
Go Grandpa!
Weston, the bowling champ!
Davis and Jackson bowled without the ramp...impressive!
Then we headed to our house for cake and presents.
Elsie opened her present in about one minute. It was amazing. She tore through them faster than I have ever seen a kid open presents. In this picture, it had been about 4 seconds...
And then a minute later...
I think she had a happy birthday!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Elsie!

To my sweet Elsie-roo...
This past year of parenting you has been so wonderful and challenging and rewarding and hilarious. You are so much fun. Your sense of humor is awesome, you have the whole family laughing all the time. You work so hard to be independent. You love friends, family, games, running really fast, wrestling, giggling, playing at the park, playing the computer/ipods, and reading books together. You are one fun kiddo!

Your love for your daddy is ginormous. You love to be with him, to help him, and wrestle with him. You can't wait for him to get home each day and you always greet him with an excited hug.
You are full of character and you say such funny things.

Oh you make us laugh!

You love to take care of kids that are younger than you. You crouch down and speak softly to them, asking if you can help with whatever they are doing. It is such a sweet quality in you.
You LOVE LOVE LOVE to have fun with your big sister!
You love playing games and drinking "coffee" just like mom and dad. You can't wait to be all grown up, but you also still want to be a baby :)
You have kept me on my toes and brought me to my knees...daily. I love you so much and I pray that we can raise you in the fear of the Lord. You are precious and so special.