Saturday, July 24, 2010

Swip'n Swide


Elsie named her baby the other day. They all used to be called "baby" (well, one was named 'garage sale baby' but other than that they were all 'baby'). Anyways, she named her new baby...


I still remember the first time Jenna named a little friend :) She named a dog stuffed animal "fun-forever". For some reason, it is a very sweet moment to me.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Today Jenna learned to ride without training wheels! She was so nervous. We have been practicing with training wheels all summer, and they were so high off the pavement that they rarely touched when she rode, but she was so scared to take them off! Finally today, I bribed her. I told her that if she tried to ride without training wheels for 5 minutes she could have a cookie. Her eyes got big and she said OK! I ran alongside her for a little while and then let go and she was off! Here is a little video. As you can see, all the neighborhood kids were there to celebrate with her.

Elsie pics

Here's how I found Elsie when I went to check on her before I headed to bed. Asleep, hanging half off the bed.

And she couldn't open the door so she took to yelling to me through the cat door.


Jenna: How do you spell night?

Me: N-i-g-h-t.
Jenna: G-H-T! What!?! That is weird. (so true)

I was showing Eric some of the moves we have to do in pilates (eagle, up dog, down dog, etc) and Jenna made up a new move, the "in turtle, out turtle". I think it would fit right in!

Here is a story she wrote today:
page one: "Won night a lion was growling in the forest. The owls wr ufrade (were afraid)." (picture of a lion growling)
page two: "The lion stopped growling" (nice lion picture)
page three: "the end"

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Outdoor art

The girls were painting rocks in the back yard

Until they discovered the fun of painting themselves

And then I hosed them off :)

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Mariner's Game with the Dad's!

Eric and two of his buddies packed up their oldest kids and headed North to a Mariner's game on Monday! They all had so much fun and made very wonderful memories.

The three friends - Jenna, Grace, and Laelie
(Mike's oldest son was also there, but apparently didn't take to holding the girl's hands at this point!)

Grace and Jenna chatting and eating snacks during the game

The beautiful field and stadium

Jenna and her cotton candy!
Sadly the Mariner's lost, but the gang still had a great adventure in Seattle. Such fun!