Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It was sunny one day...

Here's a little video from two weeks ago when it was sunny and warm! It's a little long but the second half is funny :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

update on the kindergarden fears

Jenna and I have had some really good talks in the past week or two regarding kindergarden. Some true breakthroughs have been made. Most recently she told her grandma (my mom), "I think I won't like kindergarden very much the first day, but then I think I will start to like it more and more each day after that." No tears, no emotional breakdowns. Just a calm understanding of what is ahead. She is still very clingy to me, which I am embracing and enjoying. I know that she will slowly head out the door and grow up, but while she is looking to nurture our relationship, I am there. Actually, I will always be there, no matter if she wants it or not!! :) We are also trying to balance all the together time with some times of structured independence. We have started something called "creative time!" where she 'gets' to use her imagination and play on her own. And then afterward, she tells me all about what adventure she is on, or what creative thing she did. And she still has quiet time. And also some sister time. And then the rest of the day is time with mom (and then dad when he is home). Its a good balance for us.

And in other news...
The big deal for us around her is that something clicked in Jenna's little brain and all of a sudden she is reading like a big kid! She's been sounding words out for a while, but recently she's breezing through sentences like it's no sweat. She received this card from Mimi the other day and read it on her own, in about a minute. Mimi got to hear her read it that first time, so that was pretty special too.

And just for fun...
The other day, Jenna asked if they could do some kitchen experiments. "Sure, why not" I said! And they had a B-L-A-S-T and have been asking to do it again every day. All I did was set out small bowls of sugar, flour, brown sugar, milk, water, and a cinnamon shaker, and off they went! Jenna learned about what flour does and, and how to make the mix more 'dough-like' or more 'drink-like'. And Elsie learned what a spoonful of flour tastes like :P

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Elsie (2 1/2) was trying to ride Jenna's bike. I said to her, "Elsie it's time to come in." And she said, "Just a minute mom, I have to try this for two more minutes."

Elsie picked up a rubber band from the kitchen counter and said, "What in the world is this?" And proceeded to put it on her hand and half way up her arm.

Jenna (5) said to Haley, "Haley, did you know that Elsie is the Queen of 'just a minute'?" I guess she heard me tell someone that.

Jenna said in the car, "I know why our car is so messy with toys mom, because it's a TOYota!"

Elsie: Boon-dayde = band-aid "I need a boon-dayde, it willy hooooorts!"

In bed the other night, Elsie was pulling out all the tricks, "I need a fwet-shirt, I'm FWEEEZING!" and "I DO need more milk" and "Please will you sing me another song for two more minutes?" and "can we play the nose kiss game last time?"

Jenna said, "Mom, is there any chores I can do this morning before Aubrey and Leah come over today?" Um, wow! Thank you sweet girl for making my day!

Monday, May 17, 2010


Here's the start of my garden this year. (I find it very helpful to have record on here of what I planted and when so that I can improve things for next year.)

Pots - onions, spinach and beet planted early spring (seed),
and tomato planted this weekend.
Peas planted early spring along side yard
Strawberries, nicely multiplying themselves!
The garden: artichoke, onions, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, spinach and room for more!
New to me this year was starting seeds in the early spring. It's hard to tell but there are three rows of lettuce, each planted about 2-3 weeks apart so that we will have lettuce all summer (that's the hope anyways!). The leafy guy is an artichoke, which is a perennial. And then some onions on the right. Oh, and that blue bucket is filled with potatoes. Those are new for me as well.
This looks kinda lame, but it's cool to me. These are lettuce and green onions from last year's garden. I planted the lettuce seed late summer and it wintered through and then took off growing in the spring. We have been eating from it already! And the green onions are in the process of going to seed so I will be able to plant another batch from the seeds this one is producing (hopefully)! And the front spinach on the right is from seeds last (late) summer too. Then I planted more seeds behind it and we are already eating spinach! I have never had early harvest like this, it's so lovely! And then there is lots more space to plant more right in there.
I planted beans along the front fence line, a little late through. Also some pumpkins. But nothing is showing up here. We'll see what happens.
Blueberries bushes and apple tree in front. Also a bunch of squashy type things will be up here.
So, that is where we are at this year. Jenna and Elsie have a little garden by their playhouse also, and I have two other randomly placed tomatoes near the peas. And some garlic and more new strawberries right out our back door. My heart is happy :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010


We cut Jenna's hair yesterday, and it turned out so cute! Jenna wanted to "cut off all the tangles" and SO DID I! Not that this will rid us of all tangly mornings, but it will help I am sure.
Before, very excited!

During. Elsie is making sure everything is going okay...
And after...
Here's a couple more pictures of the after...

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Oh dear

Last night, in tears, Jenna said to me, "Mom, I don't ever want to go to Kindergarden! I just want to stay home with you and homeschool!"

So, we are praying and working through some anxiety that Jenna is experiencing. But for now, if you see us around town could you do me a favor and NOT ask Jenna about Kindergarden? It is so far away, and she just doesn't need to worry about the unknown for months and months and months. I will write more about this later, when I have my head wrapped around the fact that my social and smart five year old doesn't want to go to school. I am thinking it will pass once she goes there and knows what kindergarden is all about, but until then I am praying a lot for my sweet baby girl. Wisdom, Lord, grant me wisdom in raising my kiddo.