Thursday, March 25, 2010

Need to remember

Elsie adds a "y" to the end of many words, for example she says ...
Soupy = Soup, Banany = banana, Soapy = soap
Other cute words right now...
pinedess aie-you-you = princess ariel
yeLLdo = yellow (using lots of cute tongue action for the L's)
Cin-da-LLLLell-a = Cinderella, again with lots of L's
Wineus = Linus (she also calls him "Wine-o" as a nickname)
Woosie = Lucy

The other day after trying for a while to get Lucy to sit on her lap finally said, "ditty dont wike mine wap!"

On our way home late last night, Jenna fell asleep and Eric fell asleep, and I looked in the rear view mirror at Elsie and she had super goofy perma-grin on her face and her blankie hanging out of her mouth. She went from being totally asleep at my parents house to being a total goof ball on the drive home. Made me laugh.

Elsie often ends her sentences with a laugh. For instance, "hmm, no...haha". And yesterday while I was helping her put her pants on she burped right in my face, then kissed my cheek, and then burst into laughter from it all.

Elsie went inside for a few minutes and then came out with her same pants on but they were now inside out and on backwards. Silly.

The girls have some funny games they play together. One is called "let me in" where they take turns running away from each other, close a door and then the other knocks to be let in. They also play a weird game under the table that I haven't quite figured out yet. But they crack up when they play it. And they have a couch climbing game where they follow each other and sing the same made up song. In the bath they sing a song that Jenna made up that goes, "Sooooooapy soapy wash wash! Soooooooapy soapy wash soapy and so clean..."

They play princess together a lot, each taking on a different character. And they get out the suitcases and pretend they are traveling on "blue jet" to Disneyland. It's great to hear them play and laugh together. It hasn't always been this way :)

I am sure I will think of more later, so I will add to the list as I remember :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Worthwhile reading...

My husband sent me a link to this post. It puts into words some thoughts that he and I share about this life we are living. So, head over to "It's Almost Naptime" and read!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Today is Jenna's birthday! It is hard to believe that five years have already gone by. But then again, it's hard to remember life without her! I'm not exactly sure why, but I am a little emotional and sentimental about this birthday. Maybe its the fact that kindergarden is right around the corner or maybe it's the way she rolls her eyes when I am frustrating her, or maybe it is just the fact that we are entering a new era of parenting. LORD GIVE ME WISDOM!! (please)

Anyways, Jenna is an absolute delight. She is full of life, she loves to tell jokes, she loves to learn, she loves friends. She loves dirt and she loves princesses. She loves church and Jesus. She is fun to talk to and has the most expressive face when she tells stories. She is such a good sister and friend to Elsie. I am exploding with love for my precious baby girl.

And to Jenna, Happy birthday!! I couldn't tell you enough how much I love you, but I will spend your lifetime showing you. I love you. Love, Mom

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Swim lessons

Jenna started swimming lessons last week and it has been so great for her. She has always been a bit timid in the pool, but loved the water.

Anyways, on her first day the teacher had her jump in AND dip her head and she did both without hesitation! She does what her teacher tells her to do, and her teacher is stretching her further than she has ever been willing to go! As much as I love teaching Jenna new things, it is amazing to see what happens when she is taught by someone else. And with kindergarden right around the corner...well, that is the world she is just about to enter so I am so happy to see her succeed on her own with a new teacher.

She made little friends right away, she works hard, and she LOVES her lessons.

Elsie on the other hand was miserable watching Jenna in the pool. She wanted to be in SO BAD! So I am going to leave her at home as much as possible, and we are going to try to do a family swim time at Mt. Hood sometime soon.

The progression of these pictures is as follows: 1. Waiting for her turn to jump in. 2. Jumping in (she is the splash) 3. Done with her turn, all soaked and happy.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

At my parents house

On Sunday the girls and I went to my parents house so that Eric was left with a quiet home in which to continue preparing his sermon (he preaches this weekend!). I am married to quite an excellent preacher by the way!! Anyways, here are a few pictures of the girls helping my dad wash the car. Thanks mom and dad for letting us hang out, and for being such wonderful parents to me and grandparents to all 6 of your grandkids! I hope you know how loved and appreciated you are!

By the way, the last picture of Elsie and my dad cracks me up! She was so surprised by the squirting of the hose and her face showed it! It was hilarious!