Friday, February 26, 2010

Here's where...

Here's where...

...the gum is that led to Elsie's first trim.

...the princess dress ripped after so much twirling and dancing.

...the sandal was finally found.
Lost mid summer and I found it a few weeks ago when cutting back the roses.

...the girls eat lunch almost every day.
And if you ever ask Elsie where something is, she will tell you, "it's away". So if you are missing your keys, your shoe, or your special toy, she put it away for you. Whenever we find the "away" location, we will find many, many treasures.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hey Swagbucks, happy birthday to you

Today is the 2nd birthday of the search/prize engine "Swagbucks" and I am very thankful for the site and all the great prizes I have won from them.

Anyways, in honor of their birthday, they are giving out tons and tons and tons of swag codes today and are also giving away 6 (actually 60) swagbucks for new folks if you sign up through me :). So, sign up today, use this code: MEGANSCODE3 and start earning! (code good all week)

Also, some new inside info for you who are currently using swagbucks...
Starting tomorrow, you will notice that your Swag Bucks in your account will be multiplied by 10 (as will the prices in the store, so for example, if you had 45 bucks in your account you will now have 450 SB; The Amazon which was 45 SB will now be 450 SB). NO prices are being raised on prizes (it will all be proportional You can find a little more info on the split through the link below:

I bought a ton of our Christmas gifts by using all my points, so I am living proof that this is great.

Anyways, thanks swagbucks, and happy birthday.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This picture was taken just before Eric took Jenna out for a special Valentine's date to McDonald's. They had a great time. E took Elsie the following night on their special date :) Such a great dad!

And this gives a glimpse of how great our kittens are with the girls. Linus is just sitting with Elsie on her lap! They are such great cats!
That's all. I just wanted to put a new post up :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's back!

Choose to bloom is back! Faith and I aren't exactly sure where we will take it, but it's being updated :) We thrive on comments, but we would never actually ask you to comment. That would be needy of us. But really, leave us a comment.

What can I say, we are all needy sometimes!

Friday, February 12, 2010


Here are some pictures in the beautiful sunshine. What a fantastic January and February it has been in Oregon! I hope spring continues to be like this.