Thursday, January 07, 2010


Elsie's prayers right now are pretty darn sweet. Tonight, she prayed, "I pray mommy, I pray daddy. I pray Ariel, I pray daddy-prince. I pray milk. I pray baby Jesus. I pray Donalds (McDonalds), I pray ice beam (cream). Amen." Actually I eventually have to cut her off because she could delay bedtime for hours with her prayers (and water requests, and "I'm wet" problems, and many other antics she has up her sleeve. :) Oh, and at the dinner table, she wants everyone to stop eating so we can pray again at least 4 times during the meal. Cute.

Jenna is pretty special as well. She really isn't a fan of ritual prayer, like the bed time one or the pre-meal prayer. But she is great at the spur of the moment prayer. She will always volunteer when something needs prayer. She will always pray for forgiveness once her heart is ready. As much as I sometimes wish she would pray a good bed time prayer, I am thankful for how she is. So instead of making her pray a bedtime ritual prayer, right now I just pray out-loud for her at night in bed. I try to always pray truths from the Bible about her, and pray for her walk with the Lord, for her relationship with her sister and others, and for her heart to be drawn daily to Jesus.

Lord, I pray you would capture my children's hearts completely, and that they would follow hard after you all the days of their life.

The fact that God is so personal as to listen to our joys and concerns is so amazing. And the fact that He cares deeply for them is humbling. And the fact that He knows what is best for me is comforting.


Ginger said...

Oh Megan, I love your Momma's heart. You are doing such a good job with your girls. I was talking with a friend today and she said how training a child up is like slowly bending those branches to grow onto the arbor or trellis - just because we don't like a certain aspect of our child personality or who they are, doesn't mean we should try and lop that section off, we should accept it and try to channel it in the right direction. Our kids are so different and unique and it's okay. Hugs to you.

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

Mae said...

I love the evening we were eating dinner together and we were talking about Mimi and Poppy moving to Oregon and I (Mimi) said "we need to pray for poppy that he will find a good job so we can move." and Elsie folded her little hands and said "wet's pway.!" Oh my goodness what two precious little blessings we have to enjoy.
Thanks again Megan and Sonny for doing such a fabulous job in teaching and training our little angels all about Jesus and God. Oh how I miss them daily.

Anonymous said...

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