Thursday, January 07, 2010

Christmas 2009

I keep meaning to do a post about Christmas but it has felt too daunting a task. There is just so much to write about! But I will try to summarize now so that I have some memories recorded.

We had a WONDERFUL Christmas. The kids were so happy and thankful for what they received, and loved every moment of the holiday.
Most memorable moments:
1. First gift that Jenna opened at my parents house was a rake. She LOVED it. She kept checking to make sure she knew just where it was, and asking if she could rake at home. She also loved every gift that she opened after the rake, was patient to watch her cousins open gifts, and was very thankful to those who blessed her with presents.
2. Elsie was asleep while the kids were opening so she got to open stuff later. One gift was a baby doll, and she was thrilled! She wanted it opened up right away, and then wanted to wear the baby in it's back pack for quite a while after. She has quite a bounce in her step and so that baby was bouncing right along with her. It was a funny site to see.
3. The kids all made ginger bread houses, listened to my mom read a couple christmas books, and played and played and played together.
4. Eric's mom was able to come stay with us for the holiday. it was so fun to have her here, the kids loved it. And Eric and I loved it too! But we all really missed Poppa, and of course Keri and Jason too.
5. Jenna and all the sprouts sang "happy birthday Jesus" at church, along with a few other songs. It was precious.
6. The other great moments were caught on video and you can enjoy them too :)


Faith said...

okay. the kitty part got me. i teared up:) thanks for sharing!!

Shellee said...

Me too! Soooooo, so, so, so cute and fun for your girls! Doesn't it just make your heart soar to see that happiness in their hearts! I love it!

Mae said...

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE every part of the video. It is so darling and captured their true feelings. I only wish like you that Poppy and Keri and Jason could have been there. That is my goal for next year.