Friday, October 30, 2009

His Love

Jenna and I have been doing some home-school pre-school this fall. It is a curriculum that I borrowed from a friend, along with some supplimental material that I find on the internet from sites like this and this. Anyways, yesterday we were learning about the letter D and the word "delight". Our verse was, "God will take great delight in you" from Zepheniah 3. Anyways, I had her go get her blankie, her very very special blankie (the curriculum asked the children to get a special doll, but Jenna cares more for her blankie) and two other blankies from the house. We talked about the differences in the blankets, how some are big and some are small etc etc. Then I asked her which was her favorite. She quickly lunged at her special blankie. I then asked why it was her favorite since it wasn't the most colorful or the biggest or the softest. She said, "Because it is MINE". Exactly. God takes great delight in us because we are His children. My oh my this totally hit home with Jenna. The look on her face was priceless - she truly had a deeper understanding of God's love, and so did I.

To think that God delights in me the way that Jenna delights in her blankie, or the way that I delight in my daughters... well, it's a life changing love.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Disney on Ice

Here is a little video from our time at Disney on Ice! As you can see, the girls loved it! And so did Eric :) It was really fun.

Elsie's birthday party

We had a little birthday party for Elsie while we were at the beach. She LOVED being sung to, she LOVED opening presents, and she LOVED eating cake. She is a party girl!

She clapped after we sang to her
And she really blew out the candles!
Jenna was pretty excited about the gifts too :)
This was a gift from her Aunt Jenne (and family). She loves her! She named the dolly "Julia" and she takes good care of her all the time. She always wants to know where Julia is. Her favorite thing to do is put her in a little traveling (play) suit case and wheel her around.
Opening more special gifts
It was a really fun party, and it was great to do it on vacation!

Beach Weekend

We spent this past weekend in Long Beach, WA with my side of the family playing at the beach and having a wonderful time. Here are some of my favorite moments and pictures...

I love this picture of my mom and I with the girls. My mom had two girls, and now I have two girls. She raised Jenne and I really well, helping us to be friend for life. I hope I can do the same for my girls.

Elsie loved the beach and the water and the sand. She loved it.
Jenna had a great time playing in the sand. She could have spent hours, had it not been so chilly!
After dinner one evening, we all got super bundled up and headed to the beach for a walk. It was SO windy, but so fun too!
Cute pic
I set the camera on my shoe and did a timer shot. I am not sure what that flying saucer in the sky is, and it looks like Weston is a glowing angel. But for a dark shoe shot, it's pretty decent!
Elsie was sleepy and cuddled with my dad the whole walk home. I think he enjoyed the cuddles!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

new things

Do you like my new look? There is something about a new fresh look that makes me very happy.

Here's another new thing... I just canned 11 jars of jam! This is my first year trying my hand at canning, and so far I semi-stink at it. I mean, everything is sealing and I think everything will taste good when it is opened in a few months. But I am so messy, and my kitchen is so small, and I really wish that I would have invited my grandma over to help me do this!

Here's a rundown of my experience so far...

Batch #1: ONE jar of applesauce (quart size). All the work I did, and I yielded one jar.
Batch #2: Four jars (quarts) of applesauce, chunky, yummy applesauce!
Batch #3: One quart and one little jar (pint?) of (floating) pears. I don't know if floating is okay or not.
Batch #4: Eleven little jars of SUGARY YUMMY blackberry jam. I think it will be very delicious.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Elsie!

Happy Birthday Elsie Mae!

Elsie turned TWO today! We had a little family celebration this morning, a couple little gifts and a homemade sign (Jenna chose the stickers and wrote Elsie's name)
Birthday breakfast was scrambled eggs, bananas, and zucchini bread with candles to blow out!
She has such a great smile!
Here she is focused on coloring her picture.
Notice - it is a Disney on Ice sheet to show her and Jenna that we are going on Saturday! (Wonderful gift from Mimi! The girls are going to love it)
She really liked the sweatshirt!
I can't believe it has been two years since Elsie joined our family! She is such a fun kid! We love her so much. She laughs, acts silly to make us laugh, loves her sister and the cat, and is a daddy's girl. She copies everything that Jenna does and says. She talks so cute right now, I need to video her talking more. She pushes all the boundaries we give her :) She is messy and creative, she loves taking care of her baby dolls, she loves trucks and cars, she loves being outside. We love you Elsie Mae!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Recent projects and fun...

We're having a great start to fall this year. The weather turned COLD recently, the leaves are changing, and fall is here. It's really nice. Hats and coats and gloves, lots of indoor creative (and messy) projects for the kids. New endeavors for me. Anyways, I don't have much time so I will get on with it...

I did this same technique last year and it worked beautifully, so I did it again. Most of my tomatoes started losing sun about a month ago because of their new location, so I have a lot of greenish ones to save and ripen in my garage. Exciting!
We went for a COLD (short) walk yesterday to collect leaves for Jenna's special book (it is a photo album - basically the start of a scrap book). Here's Elsie all bundled up...
And Jenna, all colorful and warm and ready for the walk...
And here is a dragon that we made out of all kinds of recycling stuff.

So far, fall has been great. More pictures and fun to come! This Saturday we are going to the pumpkin patch to explore the corn maze, and I think that we are going to carve some of our homegrown pumpkins tonight! Fun fun!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hood River Fruit

A couple weeks ago, our family went to Hood River for some family apple/pear picking and farm animal visiting. Sadly, my info was a little off - we were 2 weeks late for pears, and a month early for apples. But we still had a good time, making the best of our family outing!

Elsie wanted to squeeze the fruit SOOOOO bad but the farm lady said "no touching the fruit."
She wanted to go THAT way
A fun big swing
Love this one of daddy and his girlies

Then they really started swinging... woh daddy!
We picked 7 winter pears that are now sitting in a cold place for 2 months before we can eat them. Interesting huh!
You knew he was talented, but did you know about his juggling skills!?! The girls are always very impressed. The follow his lead by throwing several things in the air. Watch out!
Elsie picked her own pear (off the ground)
Jenna picked her own pear (and took down a limb)

Perfect picture spot
Out comes the silliness!
You know your little girl is getting old when she says, "ewww, they smell!"
Elsie would have climbed in and hopped on if we'd have let her.
And then they giggled and played a funny game *most* of the ride home.
Good day with the family. Maybe we will go back for the real apple season! (By the way, we also bought 5 'applesauce' apples and I canned for the first time! That right, I canned ONE can of applesauce. I was nervous so I started really small.)

Sunday, October 04, 2009

A typical day...

The day goes by and 7:15pm hits and I collapse on the couch, exhausted. The house is a mess, dishes in the sink, quiet time only partially done, and my energy is gone. What is the deal!? I was thinking through what makes up a typical day for me and I realized why I'm so tired. It's my tornado of a 2 year old!

Just to give an example, here is a snippet of her life. Just a 30 minute period from the time we got home from church to the time she went down for a nap.

1. Came in from church and went straight to the computer to see what gadgets she could unplug.
2. Spilled her water
3. Spit out her chewed up food, all over the floor
4. Fell out of her chair, spilling food all over the floor
5. Tried to put her bowl of cold soup in the sink and instead dumped it all over her head
6. Ran around crazy trying to avoid being put to bed
7. Crashed in bed, asleep the instant she was wrestled onto her pillow.

OH, and here's what happened BEFORE church
1. I had a diaper on her (she is potty training) for church
2. She took her diaper off
3. She went into the bathroom and did #2 on the floor.
4. She took some tp and tried to clean up her mess.
5. She proceeded to step in her #2 and get it all over her hands
6. She came ran through the house looking for us to let us in on her adventures.
(I had JUST said to Eric, "Where's Elsie, she's been quiet for a couple minutes.)

My precious tornado is worth every exhausting moment.

Later that day I found her feeding the cat...

Friday, October 02, 2009

Pumpkins at our house

This year we tried an experiment and extended our garden into our front yard. We planted three blueberry bushes, an apple tree, spaghetti squash, yellow squash and PUMPKINS! Everything did really well out there, and it was so fun to have the extra garden space.

Today we harvested the front garden and here's the line-up! After giving some away to our neighbors, we still (obviously) have plenty of beautiful pumpkins to enjoy!

We did some pumpkin art (I love that Jenna drew eyelashes on hers)
And Elsie was THRILLED with the opportunity to use markers
Here are two smiling happy kids.
And here's a really fun picture from today.
So, I am officially ready for the seasons to transition and to begin the fall/winter season!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Jenna's dance class

Here is a quick video of Jenna's dance class