Saturday, August 01, 2009

Amazing Jenna

Meet Jenna, 4 1/2...

Jenna is pretty amazing in the eyes of her mom and dad (and grandparents and aunts and uncles, and maybe a few others out there...). As you can see from this picture, she is ready for school and can hardly wait! Sadly, she will have to wait one more year for kindergarden (darn age requirement!). Until then, she does 'homework' (phonics, dot to dots, other learning that I come up with) to prepare her. She isn't going to pre-school, actually I guess I am a homeschool mom for the year. Homeschool mom is a role I will take on proudly, until the public system will let her in :)

She is trying to do more things on her own. Jenna never when through the "I DO BY MYSELF" stage as a two year old, which was nice at the time. But when she was three she wanted everything done for her. She didn't like to do anything on her own. So, we have been working hard to encourage her to do things on her own, and she is blossoming in this area and now loves to give things a try! This is a huge achievement for her!

Jenna is a very sweet big sister. She is patient and kind, and eager for Elsie to be more and more of a playmate. They are laughing and playing together more and more with each passing day. This mama LOVES it!

She is silly, loves to tell jokes, and loves to make others laugh.

At VBS this last week, she earned a medal for memorizing her verses and doing her homework. She was SO proud! When they called her name at the award ceremony she ran to the front and was just beaming up on stage. It was priceless. I couldn't have been more proud if it were my own achievement.

She loves to do craft projects, loves to play with her friends, loves to watch movies and tv, loves to hear stories, loves to go on adventures with her daddy, loves to snuggle with her mommy, loves wearing pretty dresses and jewelry and crowns, and has an overall love for each God-given day.

So, that is a little summary of our amazing Jenna-Lu. She is a star. We are proud of her. And we will always be her biggest loving support and encouragement.


Curtis and Jane said...

I LOVE that she is so excited for school, AND that you are temporarily a proud home schooler. You go girl! :)