Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Fair

We went to the fair in Canby this last weekend and it was great fun. Here are a few pictures...

Jenna was so excited for the rides. She wanted to do the pirate ships that go upside down and makes me sick, but we settled on this one.

Jackson rode "no hands" the whole time. Yup, he's the man.
Elsie loved driving the "beep beeps"
All the cousins, minus Drake (the youngest, 8 months)
Jackson and Jenna petting the baby pigs
Elsie checking out the cow "HI MOO!!! BYE MOO!!"
It was a really fun day. I love the fair.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Butterfly, kitty, and other stuff

A couple weeks ago, Gresham Bible Church and Cornerstone had a joint service at Oxbow Park. It was great to meet together, and to be with the church body that cares for our church so much. Anyways, there was a face painter there and Jenna waited in line for probably 35 minutes to become this beautiful butterfly! I wish I had a video of her first moments as a butterfly. She had these huge eyes and was guiding her body around with her face, making sure that people noticed (but without actually saying "look at me!") She was thrilled!

We are still loving Sammy. Look at him snuggle with Eric...isn't that sweet :)

And Jenna is getting more bold with him. And Sammy LOVES her. He always wants to be in her room with her, and jumps in her lap. It's pretty cute.
He's remote size

Here's the girls playing with the neighbors. They all have a lot of fun together.

Jenna modeling with a tomato. We got a book at the library called "Grow it Cook it" that has been really fun to read together. Her love for gardening is growing, and it is giving me new ideas on how to garden with my kids.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ginger Steak Salad

Wow, that picture is huge. Doesn't it make you want to just gobble it up! So, this recipe is from The Pioneer Woman. I have been to her site many times and taken tips from her but this was the first recipe I followed. WOW WOW WOW. I think I will try another one very soon! She seems to be a big fan of flavor, and so am I so there you go. Anyways, here is the link to the amazing recipe! As a side note, I can't cook up a steak and use it only for salad! No way! Steak comes few and far between in our house. So, I cooked 2 large steaks using the marinade she has. We ate 1/2 with some bruschetta the first night, and then the second steak night I made the dressing and sliced it up for the salad. YUM. Seriously. Really good. So, come on, try it out! You will be so happy that you did :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


We love playing at the elementary school playground near out house.
Only a few more days of being able to go there whenever we want. It's been fun!

And Elsie conquered the HUGE HUGE tall slide!
And then she did it about 14 more times :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Tomato basil pasta

The other day I made this recipe and I just have to share it! I was cooking for a potluck, and I know it is wrong to try a new recipe to bring to such a food centered activity, but I did. You see, I forgot that I needed to make a main dish, and so I had to be creative with what I had in my cupboards and in my garden. So let me tell you... garden to the rescue! Fresh tomatoes plus fresh basil can make ANYTHING taste amazing. So, if you have lots of tomatoes, lots of basil, and are tired of bruschetta for dinner (which is impossible, but maybe you are ready to venture past bread), then this is the recipe for you! Yum.

Tomato Basil Pasta Recipe
(I used spaghetti noodles, broken into 2-3 inch pieces, and about 1/2 the cheese it called for, not because I am anti-fusilli or trying to cut calories, that's simply all I had.)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sammy with the girls

So far so good. Sammy is awesome. He's fitting right into our little family.
Here are a few pictures of Sammy with the girls.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sammy's first day

Yesterday we got our very first pet, a sweet kitten named Sammy. We are all in love with this little sweetie pie. Here's a video of his first moments at our house. And don't worry, we are teaching Elsie the right way to hold him!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wedding Pictures! (LOTS OF THEM!)

The wedding was so beautiful. Keri was GLOWING, Jason was calm and ready, and everyone was excited to celebrate with them. Before the wedding, pictures were taken. We didn't make it to watch the pics taken of Keri and Jason (we were still recovering from the make-up, see previous post) but we were right on time for the rest.

Here's some of the wedding party

All the girls


I wish I could put this little picture in with...
this family picture :)
I am sure someone got a good family shot of us, but I didn't.

Jenna and Eva walking together

Elsie fell behind a bit because her flower broke, but she made it eventually

Father and daughter

They wrote their own vows, it was very sweet

Great toast made by Poppy, father of the bride

Daddy daughter dance

Cousin Jake was life of the party with his dance moves, Jenna was impressed.

But then when Jake was dancing with Elsie, she pulled this move and blew him away!

Keri and her matron of honor and bestest friend

The beautiful, happy couple!

Day 2, part 2

So, about 3 hours before we needed to be at the museum for pictures, I headed off to get my hair and make-up done with the women, and Eric stayed with the girls to give them a nap. So that both could sleep, we put Elsie's porta-crib in the bathroom and Jenna slept in the room. Elsie woke up about 30 minutes into her nap with a poo diaper and wouldn't go down quietly so Eric waited a while and then put her down again around 2:00. At 3:15 Eric started hearing Elsie, "Daddy! Daddy!" So he went in and this is what he found. Elsie had somehow reached my make-up bag and for probably an hour had been applying it to her sweet little face. The porta-crib was a wreck, Elsie's face was covered in make-up, there was lipstick in her hair, her hands were red from lipstick, she had painted the counter and door with make-up, it was a disaster. She hadn't slept but about 30 minutes and we needed to be at pictures in about a half hour.

Where to even start!?!? Eric gave her a bath and scrubbed her silly, and then I used some gentle make-up remover on her face. Then we called Eric's mom and asked, "How late can we be for pictures?" We put Elsie down for a power nap, got the rest of the family ready for the wedding and just prayed that Elsie would be okay for pictures and the wedding.

We had to wake her up for pictures, and she was M-A-D at us for putting a fancy dress and jewelry on her, and putting her hair up was NOT even an option at the moment. We headed to the museum. She was pretty cranky for pictures, but did well enough to get some cute pictures of the family and wedding party. And then came the wedding and reception and the dancing...and as everyone at the wedding got to witness, this girl can party and dance all night long.

Wedding and reception post later...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day 2 in Monterey, part 1

Day two started with some cuddles and Mimi and Poppy, an exciting parachute drop (you know, the little toys) from the 6th floor of the hotel, and lots of running up and down the hall until everyone was awake and ready to go. We headed to the pier for some fun and food. We saw some GINORMOUS jellyfish, and a sea lion in a boat near the dock. Aunt Jan and Granny bought the kids an early sweet treat, and then we headed to a delicious lunch on the pier. It was a very fun morning. Notice the picture of the girls and their (2nd) cousin Noah all touching the lobster? Not a proud parenting moment for me. Jenna argued with Noah for a good 5 minutes about the fact that this was not a crab but was a lobster (he's 3, give the kid a break!) and Elsie kept pushing Noah away, claiming the lobster-crab as her own. Lovely. But other than that, they had a great time with their sweet cousins, Noah and Sam. By the way, those two are adorable! It was fun to actually see them in person finally!!

Well, I am going to save the next event for it's very own post. The dreaded "Elsie + make-up = disaster" post. Stay tuned for that one, and then THE WEDDING!

Day 1 in Monterey

Our time in Monterey for Eric's sister's wedding was wonderful. We were only able to be there for 48 hours, but we packed lots of fun and TONS of family into each waking hour.

Packing is getting easier and easier with each trip we make. I thought about packing Elsie in this suit case since we didn't purchase a seat for her. Jenna is great on the plane, just coloring quietly or watching a little video or looking out the window. Elsie is still a bit of a handful but she did pretty well. Though we didn't buy her a seat for the plane, the Lord knew better than us that having her on our laps would be IMPOSSIBLE, so He blessed us with an extra seat both times. She was so wiggly and messy and all over the place! But she was quiet this trip, which was a big difference from our last trip. In January when we flew, she has just discovered that she could scream (joyfully). It was so hard to keep her quiet that journey. This time she just flirted with everyone around her, opened and closed the window shade, turned on and off the light, buckled her seat belt about 1,004 times, sat in my lap, got off my lap, asked for a book, dropped it on the floor, got down to get it, got back up, buckled her belt again, climbed out of her belt while it was buckled, etc etc. She was very busy. Both kids enjoyed the journey.

When we arrived, we of course headed to In 'n Out for lunch. Eric was determined to eat there as many times as possible. 48 hours = 2 times at In 'n Out. Not enough for my husby, plenty for me :) Poppy drove us to Monterey where we promptly put Elsie down for a nap before the rehearsal. The rehearsal went really well, Keri and Jason were so excited and ready for this day. They laughed and laughed, gave everyone involved in the wedding amazing gifts, and then treated us all to bowling, pizza, and beer after. We had a little time to kill before bowling so we went to Dennis the Menace park to let the kids run around. SUCH A FUN PARK!! Bowling was great, Jenna did quite well and Elsie just ran around trying to find which bowling ball we would finally let her touch (sorry kiddo, no bowling balls for you.) We stayed until 10pm and then took the kids home to crash.

To be continued...