Saturday, July 18, 2009

Keeping Elmo dry

We are working on potty-training Elsie right now, and it has been really really difficult. I decided to start potty-training becuase of three things... 1. She takes off her pants and diaper all day long and 2. She says potty, I check and her diaper is dry, and then she says potty again and it is wet, and 3. This is about when I potty-trained Jenna, and she was easy.

Well, it has been ROUGH! I am not sure this first round of potty-training will work, but I am also not sure she will go back to diapers. Depending upon how today goes we will see what happens. This is the beginning of day three, I am tired.

(Here she is hiding in the corner, not keeping her Elmo undies dry)
I have to add that every time she has to go she yells, "POTTY!" and takes off running. And on her way she picks up at least two toys or grabs her pb&j sandwich - it's hilarious. Today she yelled POTTY and then grabbed her purse, put it on her shoulder, and booked it to the bathroom. Funny girl. And today is actually going a lot better than yesterday and the day before, so we are a little encouraged.


Sara said...

i tried the "keep Elmo dry" thing with Averie-didn't work. Then i used jelly bellies. She's very food motivated and never got candy before. One bean for pee, 2 for poop. I kept orange tic tacs in my purse for when we were out. Good luck! I'm not looking forward to potty training #2!!!

Megan said...

That's a good idea Sara. We are doing a treat for when she goes. The problem the first two days was that she never actually did it, so I couldn't give her a reward. Today she is starting to catch on a little to the whole thing :) Thanks for the input!! I love hearing what works for other people. Everyone is so creative and unique with their ideas!

Greg and Andrea said...

Hang in there, Megan! You can do it! My motto is give it a week, a whole 7 days (exhausting, I know), and then re-evaluate. I'm glad you've had some success, though. Even one little tiny victory is huge when you're potty-training. When we were training Joel I actually kept tally marks on a sticky note (tried with success, tried with no success, and accident). It really helped me to see improvement from day to day and gave me hope. Good luck!

Megan said...

Thanks Andrea, I need encouragement like that :)

Alison Aguirre said...

Hey Megan-

Please let me know how things go. Olivia seems to be showing all the same signs. All day long I am chasing her around to get her pants and diaper back on and she always says potty then asks us to change her after she has gone. Since this is our first child, I am so clueless as when to start the whole process. I would love to hear your ideas and experiences.

Megan said...

Alison, I'd be happy to share what worked with Jenna, and also if this works for Elsie I will totally tell you all about it! Actually, I'll post about it in a few days if it works :) Kids are so different though - what worked for Jenna wouldn't have worked for Elsie. It is exciting to think about being done with diapers, that is for sure!

Sara said...

That's hilarious, Megan!! You'll be so glad you documented that!