Thursday, January 01, 2009

Three Resolutions

I made two resolutions for this New Year...

1. Bible Read through with hubby.
2. Drink right amount of water each day (1/2 of body weight in ounces).

and two side resolutions...
3. Exercise 3 times per week.
4. Sweets only once a week.

There you have it. The bottom two are probably going to be a little more flexible but I still wanted to say them out loud.

We had a WONDERFUL new year, celebrating at my sister's house East Coast time so all the kiddos could be with us. I forgot my camera but maybe someone out there could email me some pictures of the festivities!?!?

Happy New Year! Did anyone else make any resolutions they want to share?


Jenne said...

I have never been very good at math, but I think that is FOUR resolutions. Not three.

Either way, they are all great ones. Thanks for being my inspiration!

Megan said...

Oh, right, four :) I was going to combine two of them but I forgot.

HollyGoLightly said...

Good luck with the water intake - hopefully your bladder is stronger than mine!