Thursday, August 14, 2008

Life has officially changed a bit

If you are in my house, you need to know the following:

1.  If my coffee cup in on the floor, Elsie will try to chug it.
2.  If there is a cord plugged into the wall, Elsie will try to pull at it.
3.  If there is a fan nearby, Elsie will try to pull it over.
4.  If there is a magazine near the ground, Elsie will rip it to pieces.
5.  If the bathroom door is open, Elsie will find the garbage can at a record speed.
6.  If it is after 4pm, Elsie's only "voice" is a high pitched scream, sometimes out of happiness, sometimes not.
7. If there is a penny on the ground, Elsie will try to swallow it. 

She is an exhausting joy right now.  


Heidi said...

I can totally relate. Just be glad she has not found the toliet yet. I thought Julia was busy, and now I realize she had nothing on Cole. I feel for you!

lizhoweth said...


Of course I know who you are!! I will admit though, that I thought you were my friend Meagan from college (which, if I would have paid attention to the spelling). Haha, anyway, thank you for the congrats!

Tera said...

I love it... exhausting joy. What a perfect way to put it! Her hair just kills me, and her smile is so darn cute:)

Anonymous said...

This made me laugh out loud because this is so my life right now. I have been checking on your blog for a little while now because I believe our daughters are within days of eachother. Olivia was born October 22nd. She is in to everything and if I turn my back for one second she has found the smallest piece of dog food on the floor, is headed up the stairs, or is pulling something down on top of her. But I wouldn't trade it for the world. Feel free to check out my family's website( I haven't ventured into the world of blogging yet but so enjoy reading yours, if you don't mind. Alison (Nuttbrock) Aguirre- From Highschool:)

Amy Woodard said...

Sounds like our house, except adding the bathroom drain lid that is in the bathroom floor! (European houses) Yuck!! Ick!! Pleh!! I can't even count how many times a day I'm saying, 'no touch Eli' and it's just starting...oh my! And I'm so glad your family liked the gorgonzola chicken!

Anonymous said...

oh man, yep. that is the busy time...then it gets easy again. God knows:)

Tonya said...

I feel for you! On the flip side it is so fun to watch them explore and be curious about everything! I think Elsie sent James a memo on the scream thing, I was joking that he could shatter glass lately!