Friday, August 08, 2008

Cultus 2008

And now for a summary of our vacation. The pictures to the right show some of the fun, silly, cold, caged, relaxing, and beautiful times we had this year at Cultus.   

Day One:  Wonderful drive there.  We stopped every hour (by choice) at a rest stop and for the first time we didn't have to stop for a little someone to potty on the roadside.  We got a little lost and ended up taking a beautiful scenic route, passing by two or three amazing lakes.  We finally got there and headed to camp.  I took a deep breath of mountain air, and looked at the beautiful lake that I have been vacationing at every year since I was 6 months old, and I was so happy.  We unpacked, set up, and the fun began.

Day Two and Three:  So fun!  The weather was amazing and hot, Elsie was sleepy and napped a lot of the day which was nice since sand and dirt camping is a tough for a new crawler.  Jenna enjoyed every moment with her cousins.  I got to waterski for the first time in two years (I was 6 months preggo last year) and thankfully it is much like 'riding a bike'.  Eric surfed behind the boat and read, and we all played games and talked around the campfire when the kids went to bed.  More family arrived, adding the total to 35+ in our group, 24 were related, the rest were friends.  We took up almost half of campsite.  

Day Four:  The trouble began.  We woke up to a bit of rain, followed by more rain.  It wasn't ever very cold, just a wet and muddy morning.  The kids played in the rain and under cover.  Weston was a wet mess, and Elsie was a bit on the miserable side, wanting to be down but not really wanting to be down.

Day FIve:  Pack up day.  We woke up to a beautiful sunrise, only to be followed by rain.  Then blue sky, then stormy, then partly sunny, then hard hail and some serious lightening bolts.  It was crazy weather, and really hard to pack up in.  But we did it.  And apparently when we left the sun came out and it has been beautiful ever since :)  

Overall, it was a great vacation. I love it there for many reasons - the nostalgia, the beauty, and because it is so unlike normal daily life. Even though I am still changing diapers and making lunches, it is iall with a view of the lake. Elsie's leftovers that end up all over the floor don't have to be swept up, they are just enjoyed by some little critter later. And Jenna was constantly entertained and so happy, playing with her cousins and in the water and the sand. She is a great camper. She loved to talk about the "stinky potty" (the outhouse) and the whereabouts of the bugs. She played hard, and slept hard. I think we all did. I do look forward to the coming years when camping will become a little bit easier (camping with a 9 month old crawler who puts everything in her mouth is a little exhausting). But those years will come, and for now we will enjoy what we have and love the precious moments and great memories we are making when the kids are young.


Tera said...

It sounds like you guys had so much fun. I love the top picture of you and Elsie. She has such a sweet smile:)

Random Musings by a Prickly Pear said...

Megan it looks like you guys had so much fun! I love camping - and I agree about the top pick of you and Elsie - what a happy baby she is!

Faith said...

What a great description of your trip! I'm glad that overall it was a fun time. I love the cage! Hope to see you soon friend.