Monday, March 31, 2008

What we've been up to...

Last week when the weather was so nice (was that last week?  It is hard to remember since it has been snowing lately) we went to the park near our house.  It was beautiful, and very fun to be out together enjoying the sun and each other.  Here are some pictures....

Eric was up on the play structure taking these first two pictures

Elsie and mommy.

Jenna and daddy.
Elsie rolled over yesterday.  She has been doing this (see below) for quite some time now, and yesterday she rolled from her tummy to her back.  We didn't get to witness it, and she hasn't done it again so we will see if she rolled on accident or if she has it figured out.
I think this picture is cute.  This is what she does whenever the television is on... she just stares at the lights and colors.  She and Jenna both are very fascinated by the tv. 
We also took the whole family to the movies.  It was Jenna's first time (and Elsie's first time too) and both kids did great.  Jenna just loved every minute of it, laughing hysterically even if she didn't know what everyone was laughing at.  Elsie sat quietly, loving the fact that she was being held for such a long time, and loving this ginormous tv in front of her.  The movie we saw was Horton Hears a Who.  We read the book to her a few times before going to the show, and I think that really helped her to enjoy the movie.  She knew that everything was going to be okay, the characters were familiar, and the rhyme from the book was brought in every once in a while.  It was a great first movie experience!


Shellee said...

I've wondered about taking my Squirrel to a movie, I'm not sure she's quite ready for it. That picture of you and Elsie is BEAUTIFUL!!!

keely said...

Perhaps I should be getting some kind of commission for these books you're enjoying.
Hmm...I may be on to something. A new way to work from home, perhaps?

keely said...

Hmm...perhaps you're right. I'll keep looking.