Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Some plugs

Let me talk for a minute about my sister.   She is a GREAT mom.  She takes her job as mom very seriously.  She has a lot of wisdom, a good amount of experience.  She has read a lot of books about raising children, prays constantly for wisdom, and depends upon the Lord for daily strength.   Plus she loves to share her wisdom and ideas with others. I respect my sister so much and go to her constantly for advice.  She's full of gems to share.  Anyways, head on over to her blog and check out her most recent post.  It might be something you are interested in!  

My next plug is on my husband's blog.  (He is reading through Future Grace by John Piper and is blogging a little about each chapter.)  Read what he wrote about chapter 17.  It is about preaching the TRUTH of God to yourself.  I could go on about this but will let you click on over to his blog now :)

Next plug is for a friend from college whose blog makes me laugh every time I wander over to it.  Read the post titled "Luck of the draw" and then the one below that, and then the one below it... you get the idea.  Side note, she is from Alaska and knows one of the only people I know in Alaska.  You know that situation where you meet someone from, say, Alaska, and you say, "Hey I know someone from Alaska" and they look at you with that half smile which silently says, "super, now you are going to expect me to know the ONLY person you know in Alaska?"  Anyways, it was pretty weird to find out that she knows one of my only friends from Alaska, Daylan Arnold!  



B.E. ing Arnold said...

I didn't know you know Daylan!? She is my favoritist cousin-in-law ever! We always have so much fun at KHBC riding together on the 4=wheelers! She is the BEST!

Jenne said...

Thanks for the plug (and the nice things you said about me...funny how much bigger a compliment it is to be respected when you so respect the one delivering the compliment).

Love ya!

jessi said...

You're a peach! Thanks so much!

Did I know that you know Daylan? How is this possible? How is this happening?