Thursday, March 20, 2008

About me

This was fun to put together!  Enjoy.

Age on next birthday

Favorite place to visit

Favorite Foods

Favorite color

Name of pet, past or present

(Two cocker spaniels, punky and brewster)

(a dog named pooh)

(A cat named cosby)

(a turtle named norman)


(my nephews call me "ming")

First name

Middle name
(Nichole Nordeman)

Last name

First job

Current Hobbies


Faith said...

Fun! Wasn't it a lot of fun to put together? I think all of our friends should do one...

ang said...

Love it. I just did it, too! Would you mind if I called you Yao?

Jenne said...

OH! what a fabulous idea. I know what I am going to blog about next!!