Friday, November 02, 2007

Stats and updates...kinda boring unless you like this kinda stuff.

Elsie had her 2 week appointment today. She is 8 lbs 3 oz (50th percentile) and measures in at 21 1/2 inches (80th percentile). Everything looks great. She is sleeping a lot still. In fact Jenna pouted the other day about how much Elsie sleeps. She said, "It makes me sad when she sleeps so much." If only she knew the alternative! Elsie wakes a few times a night, giving me a decent amount of sleep, sometimes even a 5 hour stretch, but mostly just three hours at a time. She is taking a bottle of formula once a day and seeming to enjoy it. She doesn't sleep as well after the formula, but that could have to do with the time of day or something else. I am not sure. I'm just thankful she will take a bottle.

Jenna is great. The newness of baby sister still hasn't worn off, and hopefully it never will. She loves to help, but also understands that she has to play by herself more often. I try to give her good amounts of playtime when Elsie is sleeping which seems to help her a lot. She has also started sleeping through the night more often. Before Elsie was born, Jenna was waking a few times a night to go potty. Now she just wakes with a full pull-up, which is just fine with me!

Eric and I are tired but doing good. Eric is working early mornings at one job and late nights at the other which makes for some tired days. But he is doing great at both jobs and working hard at all he does. I seem to have run out of that new-baby-adrenaline already. I thought it lasted longer, at least I know it did with Jenna. Sure we're tired, but we're suppose to be tired at this point. The days are fun, the nights aren't so bad, and the blessing of two little girls makes it all worth it.

Thanks to all our friends and family who have been helping by bringing us meals and calling to check in on us. We are loving these two little girls and our growing family.


Faith said...

so glad you guys are doing good..besides the sleep thing..does that ever end? are parents ever NOT tired? it was great to see you yesterday..hope we can chat more soon. elsie is absolutely beautiful!

Tonya said...

So glad all is well for you and your family, both of your girls are just beautiful, you guys are truly blessed! Congratulations! I saw your comment on the mom page and I am available anytime you had a question! 936-0851