Monday, August 06, 2007

Jenna's room... progress made!

We have been working hard to prepare Jenna's room. She has been sleeping in a very empty purple room for about a week now, and she loves it. When I first took her back to her room, she stood there in awe, amazed at all the purple surrounding her. She was speechless, until she started to babble some crazy excited baby talk. I didn't let her touch the walls at first because the paint was wet, but then when we moved her bed in we had this conversation:

Jenna: (enter's purple room) I won't touch it, I'm just lookin at it.
Me: You can touch it now, it's dry!
Jenna: IT'S DRY!!! Who dried it? 
Me: It dried all by itself.
Jenna: I can touch it?
Me: Yep.
Jenna: Oh thank you mom! 
She then walked around the entire room, dragging her fingers along every wall, huge smile on her face. It was cute.

Anyways, back to the room. We have been painting furniture for a while. I can't do very much at a time, though I have loved doing it. The furniture was light yellow, which I thought was going to be cute. But then we noticed that the baseboards in this room were actually white (the previous owners painted some of the baseboards white and some they left brown.) Anyways, the yellow furniture didn't look so good, hence painting it all white, turning a non-project into a large project. You can see in this picture the new white against the old light yellow.

A few days ago I moved her stuff into the new closet and began to fill baby Elsie's closet with baby things. Then tonight we started to move her white furniture in. The paint we used takes 7-10 days to fully dry so we can't close any of the drawers, which means that I haven't transfered her "drawer clothes" into her new room yet. Closing the drawers will come after vacation. I need a vacation after this never-ending project!

All I have left to do is buy new knobs for the drawers, transfer and re-organize all Jenna's clothes, clear out baby Elsie's room and further organize her stuff, and decorate the two rooms (which calls for several more creative acts, more painting, more projects, fun projects)! Sounds fun to me :)

Jenna has been helping along the way. She follows me around and wants to help however I will let her. Here she is painting while I paint. She is such a good little friend. I was realizing today how much I love her as a daughter, but also as a friend. She's fun to hang out with, she makes me laugh, she's just great. I hope that relationship continues to grow as we add another little girl to our family in a couple of short months.


Anonymous said...

Wow Meg! What a huge project for a pregnant lady! The room color is so cute, I can't wait to see the finished product:) I hope that all these projects make time fly by, so before you know it, you have your beautiful new baby girl at home in her new room too! I love that you love to be with Jenna. Thanks for being an inspiration in your motherhood:) Hope to see you soon!

Faith said...

So fun Megan! The new color looks great. I love how you describe things that Jenna says and does..she is just too precious. I can't wait to help you brainstorm/decorate so just let me know when!!

Anonymous said...

Jenna is just so big and adorable. Where does time go? I LOVE the name you picked for your new baby girl, it's very sweet and a nice way to incorporate a family name. When are you due again? I'll just peruse your prior postings and find out. We miss you guys!

Ginger said...

Whew! You're ambitious girl! I'm tired just thinking about all the moving/painting.... :) Love the room and Jenna's excitement.

Curtis and Jane said...

I love the purple, Megan! Your little girl seems like something special, too. Jake loves to talk about his good friend Jenna. :)

Take care!