Friday, August 31, 2007

This and That

This is going to be a bit of a random post, starting with a thanks to all of you who are praying for us as Jenna's surgery approaches. Thank you so much. We know God will take care of our little girl and of us.

Next, an update on our tiny baby (who, by the way, doesn't feel so TINY anymore!) Elsie. I had an appointment today and everything looks good. 32 weeks down, 8 or so to go. This is the home stretch and it is exciting! Jenna has been talking a lot about her baby sister. Her favorite thing to talk about is how Elsie will crawl into her room and knock down her tower that she built and how FUNNY that will be! I am glad that she thinks it is funny now :) I'm sure that once Elsie starts really knocking her stuff over, it won't be as funny.

And next, some Cultus pictures from my sister's camera!

Jenna went intertubing with Eric and they had a blast. Well, at first she wasn't so sure, as you can see from the first picture. But then she loved it!

One more family vacation for us. It's hard to believe that summer is almost over!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I have been ignoring the date on my calendar, and pretending as though Jenna's surgery wasn't really coming, but it is. And it is on Tuesday. And though it is a very VERY minor surgery, it gets me a little emotional to think about it. She is having surgery on her herniated bellybutton on Tuesday morning. It is very minor surgery. She will be totally out for the entire thing. She is only two so she will not remember this. But still, it gets a mom a little teary. So, all this to say, if you think about us please be praying for Jenna on Tuesday, September 4th around 10am. Thanks friends.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Black Butte!

Like I mentioned in my last post, we had a GREAT time at Black Butte with the Brestles. They have a sweet daughter named Emily who is just a few weeks younger than Jenna, and also a 5 week old named Addie who is just precious. All the girls had a wonderful time together. We were constantly amazed at how well the girls got along. Sure, they had their share of arguments, but for 2-year olds, they did great. Here are some pictures of our time together!

In the chariot reading books together. They look innocent now, but three books for two kids didn't work out so well.

Swimming in the pool...

Comparing their bellies...

Playing together on the playground...

Sweet little Addie!

And a precious hug.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Just a quick pic...

Aren't they cute little friends! We went to Black Butte with our dear friends this last weekend and had a wonderful time. I will blog and post more pictures soon, but for now here is one great shot...

Monday, August 20, 2007


The Rules:

1. I have to post these rules before I give you the facts.
2. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. People who are tagged need to write a post on their own blog (about their eight things) and post these rules. (If you don’t have a blog, email me)
4. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
5. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Random fact #1:
I really don't like the smell of a slow cooking chicken. One is in my crockpot right now and I want to leave my house to get away from the smell! I'm pretty sure I won't be eating it for dinner. Lesson learned.

Random fact #2:
I had a pet turtle when I was in junior high. His name was Norman. One day I let him "play" out of his cage and I lost him. Well, months later he walked out of our hall closet! He was just hibernating I guess. I kinda miss Norman.

Random fact #3:
I am not very good at thinking of random facts about myself.

Random fact #4:
I went to school in Europe the year after I graduated from high school. I traveled to several countries with just a backpack, trainpass and dear friend. While there I went a little "wild" and pierced my belly button. For me, this was pretty crazy.

Random fact #5:
I hope to be a foster parent someday.

Random fact #6:
There are certain words that really gross me out. Seriously. And if you combine my least favorite words into one sentence, I might throw up a little. No, I will not tell you what those words are. Made that mistake in college.

Random fact #7:
I like to have dinner ready and on the table when Eric walks in the door.

Random fact #8:
I LOVE GIFTCARDS. I make them last for years on end, and I smile everytime I am able to shop with a giftcard.

Okay, that's it. Now I will tag... Keely, Alison, Holly, Melissa, Natalie, Heidi, Michelle, and Andrea


It sounds like our camera might be toast. This is very sad news. It was a nice one. But thankfully Eric has some Best Buy money that we can use to get a new one. The Lord provides! Eric, good job saving all those Best Buy bucks - keeping gift certificates for 8 months has to be a record for you! (I think I still hold the family record at 3 years though!)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A few pictures!

It really is quite beautiful.

Here are the kids taking a "bath." Okay so we aren't too clean for the week, but the smell of campfire covers most of the stink!

Here are the Glovers. What a cute little family!

And here's one of us. This was our sixth year at Cultus together.

Here's a cute one of Jenna helping give Weston a bath. West was an amazing camper. He didn't eat too much sand, slept great and was a happy baby most all the time. This age is usually a tough one for camping, but he was a champ!

More pictures to come...maybe :)

Search Engine worth using!

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So, search the internet using:

Monday, August 13, 2007

Back from camping!

It was an incredible 5 days of fun, water, sun, tents, sand, and countless other vacation type things.  It was a wonderful trip that I will have to blog about later.  Sad story - I couldn't take any pictures because our camera broke the instant we arrived on the beach.  But there were pictures taken by many family members so when they send them to me, I will blog.  Anyways, it is good to be home but boy do I love vacations, camping especially.  Sigh.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Jenna's room... progress made!

We have been working hard to prepare Jenna's room. She has been sleeping in a very empty purple room for about a week now, and she loves it. When I first took her back to her room, she stood there in awe, amazed at all the purple surrounding her. She was speechless, until she started to babble some crazy excited baby talk. I didn't let her touch the walls at first because the paint was wet, but then when we moved her bed in we had this conversation:

Jenna: (enter's purple room) I won't touch it, I'm just lookin at it.
Me: You can touch it now, it's dry!
Jenna: IT'S DRY!!! Who dried it? 
Me: It dried all by itself.
Jenna: I can touch it?
Me: Yep.
Jenna: Oh thank you mom! 
She then walked around the entire room, dragging her fingers along every wall, huge smile on her face. It was cute.

Anyways, back to the room. We have been painting furniture for a while. I can't do very much at a time, though I have loved doing it. The furniture was light yellow, which I thought was going to be cute. But then we noticed that the baseboards in this room were actually white (the previous owners painted some of the baseboards white and some they left brown.) Anyways, the yellow furniture didn't look so good, hence painting it all white, turning a non-project into a large project. You can see in this picture the new white against the old light yellow.

A few days ago I moved her stuff into the new closet and began to fill baby Elsie's closet with baby things. Then tonight we started to move her white furniture in. The paint we used takes 7-10 days to fully dry so we can't close any of the drawers, which means that I haven't transfered her "drawer clothes" into her new room yet. Closing the drawers will come after vacation. I need a vacation after this never-ending project!

All I have left to do is buy new knobs for the drawers, transfer and re-organize all Jenna's clothes, clear out baby Elsie's room and further organize her stuff, and decorate the two rooms (which calls for several more creative acts, more painting, more projects, fun projects)! Sounds fun to me :)

Jenna has been helping along the way. She follows me around and wants to help however I will let her. Here she is painting while I paint. She is such a good little friend. I was realizing today how much I love her as a daughter, but also as a friend. She's fun to hang out with, she makes me laugh, she's just great. I hope that relationship continues to grow as we add another little girl to our family in a couple of short months.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

I'm not sure...

but I think she likes popsicles.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

She sleeps!

Guess who finally slept in past 7am?!?!

Actually she slept until almost 8am! After over two weeks of Jenna waking at 6am, she finally sleeps. Who knows if she will be back to her early wake up tomorrow, or if she will continue to give us a little more rest, but it was at least nice for one day to sleep in. Thank you Jenna!