Friday, March 30, 2007

Thanks Picture People

I took Jenna to get her two year old pictures today, and it went great. Our photographer was amazing, and Jenna cooperated so well. She sat still and did what our photographer asked...I was so proud. The problem comes at the purchase. I wanted to buy LOTS, but settled on these two. The whole morning/afternoon at the mall must have really worn Jenna out becuase she is still napping (we're talking a 3 1/2 hour nap at this point!) It can be such an ordeal to get pictures done, and I am really glad that these ones turned out.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Comparison pictures

I love comparison pictures, especially when the pose is similar. I took the first picture last June, and the second today.

And this is Jenna in her "maid girl" Easter dress. It came with this bandana, and I actually think it is pretty cute! Not exactly the bonnets or big hats from the old days, but pretty cute.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Nine weeks ultrasound!

I went in for my first appointment last Thursday, and they did an ultrasound! I got to see the heart beat and watch the little one wiggle all around! It was so amazing. Our due date is officially October 25th, which feels like forever away :) My doctor also said that for many women, the peek of nausea hits around nine weeks, so I should start improving soon. That sounds good to me. I am actually not a big fan of throwing up :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Little story.

I told my nephews (Davis 5 1/2, Jackson 3) yesterday that we are having another baby and they both got SO excited...their jaws dropped! Later Davis asked me to read him a book. I said sure and so he got the book, found me a foot rest, and put a pillow behind my head. Just making sure the fragile pregnant aunt is well taken care of :) I have such sweet nephews.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy Anniversary to us!

Our anniversary was actually on Wednesday the 14th, but today we celebrate with a lovely dinner at Claim Jumper and a movie downtown! E, thanks for 4 incredible years, here's to MANY MANY more!! And thanks for the flowers. YOU ARE THE BEST. Here are a few memories from engagment and our first year of marriage! Love you.

Here we are at Cultus Lake, when we were engaged to be married! We have been to Cultus together 6 years in a row now!

Our wedding day, March 14, 2003. It was such a perfect day, filled with so much family and so many friends!

This is inside of our very first apartment in Fullerton California. Oh the memories and the fun we had.

And this was our favorite date location (and always will be!). We had annual passes for our first year of marriage and lived a mere 10 miles away. Sometimes we would swing by after work and just sit and watch people, or ride one quick ride. It was awesome.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Birthday pictures

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Jenna turned two today! We have a very fun day planned for her, and it has already been fun. She found one of her birthday presents and started opening it, so we let her open it early. It was a baby stroller, but the first thing she pushed around in it was Mike the "pider" from Monster's Ink. She is so excited that it is her birthday. She knows that she is two, but every once in a while says she is five. Time is already flying by sweet Jenna...don't speed it up! Here she is helping me make her birthday cake. It was her first batter experience...and she liked it! More pictures and stories to come.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Here's a few things that have been going on at our house...

Jenna loves to wear this backpack. She had it on all day Sunday, and to us looked like she was ready for 1st grade!

And here is "the look" I often get when she is done posing for pictures...

We bought a trailer and it has been so much fun! We are looking forward to many long rides this summer!

We were so excited to get Jenna in the trailer that we took her right outside after her nap. She was still in a bit of a daze, but enjoyed the ride!

And here's Jenna and her buddy from Monster's Ink, her favorite movie. She calls him "pider", I guess he looks like a spider. Anyways, she's pretty funny with this stuffed animal.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Busy and sick

Well, I have been pretty busy lately, but mostly just feeling the first trimester yucks. Both things have kept me away from the computer. I will post more pictures soon, but for now, here's a few cute things the kids in my life have said lately:

Jackson: Jack and I had some time today just one-on-one, which is rare. He was laughing so much and we were having a wonderful time. Mid-laugh he gave a big sigh and said, "well, I like playing with you." It was so special and sweet!

Jenna: She is starting to ask "why", but she instead says, "Be-why?" I am not sure if she knows exactly what she is asking, but she uses the question accurately and expects an answer. Anyways, Eric answered her question with, "well, just because" the other day and for the rest of the evening we would hear her talking to herself, "Be-why, well, just, well just because". It was so cute.

Jenna: Jenna woke up from her nap today saying, "okay, I'm ready to plaaaayyy!" She repeated herself over and over until I came in. And yesterday she woke up and burst into song, "I LOVE YOU!!! YOU LOVE ME!!! WE'RE A HAPPY FAMILY!..."

Thursday, March 01, 2007

My Beautiful Grandma

This is my wonderful, amazing, beautiful Grandma. My dad's dad married three women in his life. I didn't know the first two, but the third one was quite a pick. She is gracious, fun, loving, caring, youthful, real, and so much more. This is a picture of her at Jackson's Birthday party holding Weston.

Here she is two summers ago, holding baby Jenna. She is actually my only living grandparent. I hope that she lives for many many more years...I have so much to learn from her.