Sunday, January 14, 2007

Julia and Jenna

Julia came over to play on Friday, and the girls had a WONDERFUL time together. They played well the entire time - playing beans, chasing each other around, hiding from each other - it was so cute. It was both of their nap times, so I was suprised how very well they did. Here is a picture, and I will post a really short video too.

I captured this one on was the only little squabble between the two of them. And they worked it out well. Julia fought for it until she had it in her posession and then handed it nicely to Jenna.


Anonymous said...

gotta love play dates! looks like fun:)

faith said...

I love Jenna's excitement and Julia's concentration. Did I hear Jenna say she needed to go potty? What a big girl! No wonder you made such a short video!:)