Tuesday, January 30, 2007


It is amazing what the kids pick up from watching us. I suppose that these two have watched my sister feed Weston enough to do this...
Who needs one of these pretend bottles that empties when you turn it over. (In case you can't tell, Jenna has zipped down her jammies to feed the baby doll, and Jackson seems to be feeding through his belly button.)

And here is Weston. You know a baby is really tired when they go to sleep with their arms up in the air. I love how kids FALL asleep. They just can't help but to close their eyes and drift off, no matter what position they are in.

Sunday, January 28, 2007


He's just cute.

If he doesn't make you smile, well than your probably the type of person who hates bunnies or fairy tales..."what kind of person hates bunnies!"
(Chris and Bronwyn, that was for you!)

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Congrats to the Bakkers!

Back in college when Eric and I were dating, we thought it would be a good idea to seek out some Godly counsel as a couple. We wanted to have a solid relationship from the start and knew that seeking advice and wisdom from others could really help us accomplish this. That's where the Bakkers come in. We met with them about once a week, playing games (Sequence), talking, eating, playing Xbox (Tetris!), and just getting to know each other better. Spending time with them taught us SO much, and they truly helped us with our relationship in so many ways. Thanks Bakkers!

Anyways, for three years they waited and longed to have a baby. Finally they decided to adopt from China. They were months into the process when Erin found out she was pregnant! They paused the adoption process but will continue it in the future.

On January 14th, they welcomed little Morgan Kate into the world. We are so excited for them and know they will be wonderful parents! Welcome baby Bakker, you are so loved!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Park

We walked to the park yesterday and had so much fun. It is so refreshing to see and feel the sun! Before we could leave, Jenna had to do everything one more time, "this is the LAST time." She loved getting "barking dogs" on the swings (underdogs), and LOVED to "drive" the play structure. Every time she went down the slide she said, "I'll be very careful mommy." She is a little tenative when it comes to running and jumping, etc so it was good to see her climbing and sliding on her own. I am really looking forward to more time at the park!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Dear Dad,

Happy Birthday! I loved your birthday party. "We had cake and sang and Davis and Jackon and Grandma and grandpa and uncle and jenne..."

You are a really really good dad. You have always been there for me. You are fun to play with, especially when we play 'tackle' and 'birdie.' You catch me when I fall...remember when dove through the hole at Safari Sams and you were there to catch me? Thanks. I already love Disneyland, just like you. I want to be just like you in so many ways. You are silly and so fun! I also LOVE to ride in your truck! It doesn't matter where we go, I just love hanging out! Thanks for being a great dad. I love you!

Happy Birthday Eric!!!

Happy Birthday Eric! I love you so much! We have shared so many memories and special moments, and there is no one else I would rather spend my life with! Thanks for being a man of God, for being faithful to your friends, for loving your parents and family, for having a passion for things like Apple computers and Disneyland, for letting me win at Monopoly and for ALWAYS beating me at the game I hate, for working hard with a great attitude at work, for listening to me when I need to talk and talk and talk, for being a wonderful uncle, and for being an AMAZING dad to our baby girl.

Thanks most of all for being a man after God's heart, desiring to change and seek Him with a passion that is contagious. I love you so much and cherish our years together. Happy Birthday.

Monday, January 22, 2007


Ever since the beginning, Jenna has had some interesting hair. It has a mind of its own. It grew up and out and crazy. It still has a mind of its own, but now it is being tamed by a little girl who also has a mind of HER own! She created this style the other day after her bath. She loves the headband. I love it too :)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Snow Day

Well, it is again a beautiful snowy day. I don't remember so many snow days back when I was hoping school would be cancelled. I bundled Jenna this morning and we played outside for a little while. She called her gloves "glubs" and her boots "boops" and for some reason that really got me laughing, so we were having a good time.

Is everyone in the snow right now? Every blog I visit has snow pictures. Too bad we couldn't all be hanging out in the snow together. That would be fun! I just hope that my sweet hubby gets to come home from work soon. The snow keeps falling. This morning when we were in the snow we played with the boat. Now look at it!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Full House Today

For the first time, I had all three boys for the day. Well, for five hours anyways. It is going really well so far. It gets a little tricky when one needs to be burped and another needs help with the TiVo and another urgently needs to go potty. But somehow it is working quite well. Here is a picture of the baby. He is just a precious little guy. I love the dimples.

Baby is crying so I better go. Hope everyone is having a great day!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Julia and Jenna

Julia came over to play on Friday, and the girls had a WONDERFUL time together. They played well the entire time - playing beans, chasing each other around, hiding from each other - it was so cute. It was both of their nap times, so I was suprised how very well they did. Here is a picture, and I will post a really short video too.

I captured this one on accident...it was the only little squabble between the two of them. And they worked it out well. Julia fought for it until she had it in her posession and then handed it nicely to Jenna.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Jenna's Band

Eric thinks this should be the album cover for Jenna's band. Touring livingrooms this summer. Music videos to come.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Fun day

I took Jackson and Jenna to the zoo today and we had such a great time. The place was empty so we were able to see the animals up close without having to be considerate of other kids :) The animals were kinda funny today - the monkeys were loud and swinging all over, the tigers were walking around, the sea lions were doing their normal rounds, it was just a fun day! I forgot my camera, so no pics from the zoo.

Later, the kids came over and played for the afternoon. Here's a picture from the afternoon of play...

Two quick photos and explainations. Picture #1: I was trying to take a good close up to send to Jenna's grandparents. Well, she was getting quite annoyed, and this was the face she gave. "Seriously mom, are we done? I am busy playing here!"
Picture #2: Peeking out of her playhouse window. No story or anything, just a cute picture.

Need to laugh?

A site that often has posts to which I laugh outloud is called Tomfoolery. I have made a link to it, in case you ever need to laugh at some off the wall, silly stuff. The author/compiler is a fellow classmate, who made me laugh daily during our class with Dr. Wong. Thanks Holly for sharing your funny sense of humor on Tomfoolery!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Potty time

This may be too much information for some readers out there. If so, stop reading now.

Last week, we started the process of potty training! It has been a little crazy, but she is doing really well. I have been nervous to post about it becuase as soon as I say she is doing well, we will have a set-back. That always happens to me in parenting. I boast about Jenna sleeping well or about her learning something, and the next day she is doing the opposite. Oh well. Here's to being publicly humbled over and over again as a parent.

Potty training has done a few things that I wasn't expecting. First of all, it has not freed her from those darn diaper rashes. Ridding her of those was the main reason I started training her so early! Secondly, it has created a few sleep issues for us. She isn't going to bed as easily at night or for naps. The other thing I wasn't expecting is that it is causing her to mature in other areas. She is sitting through longer 'story' books (not just the board ones), she is focusing harder on her art skills (she can draw a fish, sort-of), and she just overall seems older. So, to say the least, it has been an interesting experience. She is growing up.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Spaghetti will always be...


Eating spaghetti with her hands as a one year old...

Eating spaghetti with a fork as an almost two year old...

A yummy, fun, messy meal.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Christmas Day

I posted a while back about our Christmas eve, and now that I have pictures, I wanted to share about Christmas day. We spent the morning just as a little family, opening some presents, playing with new things, and eating a yummy breakfast that we all helped to make. We started some traditions this year that I just loved. After breakfast we all went to my parents house for a great day of presents, food and fellowship. The kids opened their gifts right away. It was fun to see their excitment. My mom loves to give gifts, and she is so good at it! The favorite gifts of the day were: A Power Ranger punching guy thing for Davis which he was hilarious with! He put on the full power ranger gear and was punching and kicking with all his might, and the blow-up dude was hitting him right back! He was standing too close. It was so funny. Jackson and Jenna's favorite gift was the TMX Elmo. They laughed and laughed as they watched and listened to Elmo laugh. It was so cute. After a while we put the kids down for naps and opened gifts as adults and relaxed a little. When the kids woke up again we had dinner, my mom read them some books, and Ryan read Jenna some stories (Jenna LOVES her Uncle Ryan). It was such a wonderful full day. Thanks Mom and Dad!