Friday, December 29, 2006

My first video editing attempt!

It is short and kinda silly, but I did it...the whole thing from start to finish. My sweet talented husband, who does all the video editing computer work in our family, will be so proud! And now, the video...

It's been a fun few days!

Ahhh, the after Christmas toy fest! I remember those few days after Christmas where everything is so fun and new and exciting to play with! I remember those days because it happened again this year, just with different "toys." Well, actually with the same toys...Eric and I got new bikes! Anyways, Jenna has really enjoyed breaking in her new stuff. Here is a recap of our week:

My mom bought Jenna a bin-o-beans, and it has been a hit! It's like an indoor sandbox. She transfers beans from one measuring cup to the next and then back to the bin. She really enjoys it. Her favorite thing is to play IN the bin. And when she climbs in she says, "I'm a bean!"

Peyton came over yesterday and the girls had a lot of fun. They played with a toy that Jenna hasn't touched in months! Watching and learning from Peyton, Jenna has been playing with it all day today. Just like Peyty, she puts all the characters in the car and then puts them in the house.

And then she rocks them to sleep. Here she is singing "rocka-rocka" to Ernie.

Eric and I bought Jenna this train for Christmas. They set it up last night and had such a fun evening together. It is a Leap Frog train so it teaches sounds and letters while you play. Leave it to Leap Frog...

And here are a couple of close-ups. Anyone who has a toddler knows that it is hard to get them to stand still for a picture. I missed several GREAT shots, but did capture a couple good ones. Mimi and Poppy, these are for you!

Fun with Peyton!

Faith and Peyton came over yesterday and everyone had lots of fun! The girls played with the beans, in the playhouse, with the sesame street house, and jumped on the bed. Here is a video of jumping on the bed!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Eve

What a fun Christmas we had this year! It started on Christmas Eve, celebrating with Eric's parents over the webcam. We brought her out from her nap as though it was Christmas morning (in pjs and all!) and let her open her gifts in front of Mimi and Poppy! Thanks everybody for the kind gifts! Jenna loved it all! Later that day we tried to go look at Christmas lights at Peacock Lane but arrived too early. So instead we headed to the Persimmon area and toured around a little. We even sang Christmas carols (Jingle bells, over and over and over again) in the car! We put Jenna to bed at 6 when we got home...she was exhausted and running a low-grade fever. Then Eric and I ate some yummy traditional Mexican Casserole and opened an early present. Then we watched Home Alone and that was our Christmas Eve. I hope that everyone had a WONDERFUL Christmas holiday!

**I forgot to bring my camera on Christmas Day, so a post about that will come when someone from my family sends me some pictures!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Jenna and baby Jenna

Jenna loves to watch videos of herself, especially from when she was a baby. So, we decided to capture Jenna watching Jenna on video. And now, Jenna loves watching Jenna watching Jenna...or something like that. Anyways, here's the viedo...

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Where is thumbkin?

Chatter Box

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Quote of the day

"Remember Mommy, Jesus loves you. Jesus loves me."
-Jenna Wood, age 21 months

Monday, December 18, 2006

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Family Christmas (My Dad's side of the fam)

We headed to the beach for this year's Christmas celebration with my Dad's side of the family. My aunt and uncle just finished building a beautiful home right on the beach and were kind enough to host us all on Saturday. It was a great time with family that we don't get to see nearly enough. Here are some of the events...

The two hour ride there was fairly smooth thanks to a movie for the boys and a pack of stickers for Jenna. One car held Eric, Me, Drake, Lynn, Davis, Jackson, and Jenna. The other held Ryan, Jenne, and Weston. One car was significantly quieter than the other.

This is the house and the view. Everything was so beautiful and top-notch. They thought of everything when they built it. My husband was in techy heaven. His favorites; the TV in the family room rose up out of the countertop, and the movie theater. My favorite; a built in espresso machine and huge picture windows.

Santa stopped in while Jenna was taking her nap and our camera was in the room with her. Actually I wish I would have video taped the whole thing. My dad dressed as Santa and the kids LOVED him. It was precious.

Here are the cousins...

And the second cousins...

(notice Davis' smile. The longer we had the kids sitting there, the harder Davis tried to smile. It was so funny.)

And here are a few random pictures from the day.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My verbal little daughter often cracks me up. I sat down today to think of some of the fun things she is saying, and I really got rolling. She is so fun :) I wish I would write these funny things down more often. But then again, I can't make her baby book too full because I want each child to have the same size baby books! (But then again, I need to do SOMETHING! I haven't worked on it since she turned one!) Anyways, here is what she said, and here are some other funny things kids in my life have said recently, to provoke this blog entry.

1. Today Jenna and I went to Home Depot where we saw a nice man with his little dog. Jenna LOVES dogs and was even bold enough to almost touch this one! So we looked at the dog and then went on our way. Later when we got home, Jenna said to me, "Remember the dog mom?" I was shocked to hear her say the word 'remember', let alone to use it correctly!

2. Jackson and Jenna were in the bath tub last week, and I was listening with one ear as I cleaned up the family room. They often argue like brother and sister so when I heard the fighting begin I wasn't suprised. Well as it often does, it escalated to yelling and I had to go in to break it up. Jackson was doing the yelling (provoked by Jenna because she copies EVERYTHING he says which drives him crazy) so I said to him, "Jackson, please stop yelling at Jenna" and he said in a firm, loud voice, "I AM TRYING TO TELL JENNA ABOUT MY WEE-WEE!!" I did a double-take and then calmly said, "well, please tell her in a kind voice" and I left the bathroom. It was pretty hilarious!

3. Every time we run to the car or into the store she says, "Whew, we made it!" I guess I say that a lot. When I ask her if she wants some breakfast or some raisins, or ANYTHING, she says, "Kitty wants some too. Kitty's hungry!" (she is speaking of her stuffed animal kitty).

There are so many more, but I will leave those for her baby book. I thought some of you out there would enjoy this story and be able to relate to the funny things that come out of our kids mouths. I am pretty sure that it will continue to get funnier and funnier as they enter the twos, threes and fours! Here's to the fun years to come!

***I am having little problem with blogger...I am not able to comment on a few people's sites. So, if I didn't comment that is why!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas card picture...

Well, we set out this weekend to take a good family picture for our Christmas Cards, but are begining to realize that by the time we get everything ready to send, it will be too late. We started a little late in the process and might have missed our opportunity. Maybe we will still do it, I don't know. Here are some shots...

Here's a couple more pictures. This first one cracks me up because I just know what is going through her little head!

Some people say she looks a little like me.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Winter brings...

1. warming up by the fire after bathtime.

2. blowing bubbles in the cold with huge warm hats on.

3. big happy smiles.

Girls Spa Day!

Last month my mom took Jenne and I to Bonneville Spa for some girl time pampering fun! It was amazing. We were wrapped, massaged, oiled, and calmed. Ahhh. It was so much fun. Bonneville is a beautiful place with such a relaxing feel. The one strange thing was that when you pull up to the Spa, the first thing you see in a putt-putt golf course. A little out of place, but I enjoy a good game of putt-putt so I got over it. Anyways, we had our treatments and then ate a wonderful lunch and then finished the day with some shopping. It was such a great girls day. Meanwhile Eric took Jenna to the Children's Museum for some great Father/Daughter bonding. Special day for everyone.
By the way, sorry about the poor picture quality. These pictures were emailed to me in a really small format. So although it looks like my mom and I are missing part of a tooth, we're not.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Looking for something fun to do today?

I am facilitating a free kids cookie decorating clinic today at Drake's 7 Dees from noon to 1pm. And another great thing is that Santa will be there! So, come bring your little kiddos at noon and decorate some cookies! Gotta love free Christmas activities.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My little kitty

starring Mimi and Jenna

My Hubby...

Eric is always so great at making me feel special on my birthday. He loves to suprise me with unexpected gifts, and he is always thoughful about it. I think he gets more excited for my birthday than I do! This morning he had a movie scavenger hunt ready for me! Even though he was sick throwing up all day yesterday and still isn't feeling that great today, he made my birthday special. So, thanks E. I love you tons and tons! Hope you are feeling better. Thanks for working hard to provide for our family.
Unfortunatly Eric will not get to read this today because he is home sick again. But now you all know a little more about how great a husband he is!
He has been sleeping since he got home at 9:30 this morning. Take your Airborn, drink lots of water and wash your hands! Don't catch whatever is going around!

Monday, December 04, 2006

More Baby Pictures

Jenne and the family are doing so well. The boys are adjusting well to this new addition and are very proud and protective of Weston. Jenne makes having three look like a breeze :) She is such a good mom.

Our little family isn't doing quite as well. Jenna was sick for most of the weekend, I have been feeling a little funny, and Eric came home sick from work today. We tend to do this...all get sick together. I guess most families do the same. Might as well get it all over with at the same time.

I can't believe how fast December is going by. I want to SLOW the holiday season down a bit so that it lasts as long as possible! It is such a fun time of year. And then comes the new year and then Eric's birthday, and then our anniversary and then Jenna's birthday and then...time is just starting to go by faster and faster as we grow up. *Sigh*

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Trimming the tree!

Friday, December 01, 2006

A bully on the playground....

To make a long story short, there was a bully at the mall plaground. He simply couldn't see past himself, pushing every kid in his way. It was crazy. In fact, I even caught him in his act (I was taking a picture of her at the top of the slide and instead caught this). Notice in this picture...Jenna is being pushed head first down the slide. And to top it off, he then slid down after her and landed on her back. It was the last straw. He had pushed her down far to many times so we left. It is amazing the feeling of protection that wells up inside. Anyways, just thought I would share. Has anyone else experienced this?