Monday, October 30, 2006

Sunday night football!

We love the weekends for many reasons, one of them being Sunday night football at the Alcorns! We get together to watch the game, watch the kids play together, play some pop-a-shot, play ping-pong, chit-chat, and eat some great food! It is awesome...thanks Randy and Nanci!

L-R:Joel (9 months), Jenna (1 1/2), Jake (2), Ty (7 months), Kari (almost 3)
Matt (almost 2 - not pictured)

Look at that sweet face!

Here's the group.

The adults include...Randy & Nanci, Dan & Ang, Brian & Emily, Dan & Karina, Greg & Andrea, Eric & Me. Add the kiddos and there are 18 people in the basement! A lot of people, and a lot of fun!


faith said...

So fun! The Alcorns are so great! That is awesome that they have that time with you guys. Bryan wants to know why we aren't invited. He's kidding!