Sunday, October 29, 2006

Daddy Daughter Day

A post by Eric

Yesterday, Jenna and I went to the Portland Children's Museum. We got there early enough to have the place to ourselves. Jenna explored the grocery store, the dig pit, the strange floating boat, and we watched a little bit of a magic show. There is no pictorial evidence of any of this because I was playing the part of the cool dad who doesn't need to carry around the cute pink Nike bag. But it was decidedly uncool to leave the camera in the cute pink Nike bag. Jenna came to the rescue with some poopy pants. I brought the bag in, changed her, and it was time to venture into the water area.

Jenna spent all her time scooping water out of one trough and pouring it into another. She was pretty good about not spilling...much. Thankfully, Megan warned me about this area of the museum and I brought a change of clothes, so I wasn't worried at all. She could've stuck her face in to blow bubbles and it wouldn't have mattered (and would have been REALLY funny).

After close to an hour, it was time to go. Her little hands were freezing! I changed her into some warm clothes and we headed home. She ate a good lunch on the way home. We laughed a lot, playing silly little games that surely wouldn't translate across a blog. It was a fantastic day. I'm glad I got the opportunity. I'm more thankful now for my sweet daughter. And I'm even MORE more thankful for my wonderful Megan, who does this everyday, with more patience, skill, grace and wisdom then I even know. I love my Jenna.

And I love you, Megan.


Anonymous said...

Awww, what a great daddy! Sounds like you two had a great time together. Jenna is a blessed little girl!

faith said...

That is so sweet Eric. Glad you guys had fun together! Hope Megan enjoyed her time too. Jenna is lucky!

Alison said...

That sounds like fun! Maybe we should take Jenna to the Children's Discovery here in San Jose when you all are here! It would be a blast!

keely steger said...

Well done, cousin.

Megan said...
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