Monday, October 30, 2006

Sunday night football!

We love the weekends for many reasons, one of them being Sunday night football at the Alcorns! We get together to watch the game, watch the kids play together, play some pop-a-shot, play ping-pong, chit-chat, and eat some great food! It is awesome...thanks Randy and Nanci!

L-R:Joel (9 months), Jenna (1 1/2), Jake (2), Ty (7 months), Kari (almost 3)
Matt (almost 2 - not pictured)

Look at that sweet face!

Here's the group.

The adults include...Randy & Nanci, Dan & Ang, Brian & Emily, Dan & Karina, Greg & Andrea, Eric & Me. Add the kiddos and there are 18 people in the basement! A lot of people, and a lot of fun!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Daddy Daughter Day

A post by Eric

Yesterday, Jenna and I went to the Portland Children's Museum. We got there early enough to have the place to ourselves. Jenna explored the grocery store, the dig pit, the strange floating boat, and we watched a little bit of a magic show. There is no pictorial evidence of any of this because I was playing the part of the cool dad who doesn't need to carry around the cute pink Nike bag. But it was decidedly uncool to leave the camera in the cute pink Nike bag. Jenna came to the rescue with some poopy pants. I brought the bag in, changed her, and it was time to venture into the water area.

Jenna spent all her time scooping water out of one trough and pouring it into another. She was pretty good about not spilling...much. Thankfully, Megan warned me about this area of the museum and I brought a change of clothes, so I wasn't worried at all. She could've stuck her face in to blow bubbles and it wouldn't have mattered (and would have been REALLY funny).

After close to an hour, it was time to go. Her little hands were freezing! I changed her into some warm clothes and we headed home. She ate a good lunch on the way home. We laughed a lot, playing silly little games that surely wouldn't translate across a blog. It was a fantastic day. I'm glad I got the opportunity. I'm more thankful now for my sweet daughter. And I'm even MORE more thankful for my wonderful Megan, who does this everyday, with more patience, skill, grace and wisdom then I even know. I love my Jenna.

And I love you, Megan.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Had to show you...

Okay, I normally don't post twice in one day, but I am going to right now for two reasons. First, my hubby is out to a movie with our brother-in-law so I am alone this evening (which is fine, I'm just saying I've got some spare time). Second, I LOVE the colors in this picture! Look at the trees in the background...they are gorgeous!

We had lots of fun at the park. It was such a beautiful afternoon so we walked there, we played on the play structure, fed the ducks, and of course did a lot of swinging! Here is one more pic of Jenna with the ducks.


Fun weekend plans

Two years ago, my mom gave my sister and I an awesome gift. It was a little photo album full of gift cards which we had to use together! So this Saturday morning we are using our gift card to Bonneville Spa! My sis is getting the pregnancy massage, my mom is getting a massage, and I am getting a pumpkin wrap and massage! Then we are going to have a very relaxing lunch together. I am SO excited!

Meanwhile, Jenna and Eric are going to have a Father/Daughter day! He is taking her to the Portland Children's museum. It should be a fun day for the whole family.

Here is a picture of Jenna and Daddy reading together. When Jenna wants us to read books, she actually wants to read not with, but alongside you. She gives us one of her books and takes one for herself and then together we read quietly. It is so funny. It doesn't take long, however, for her to curl up and read with us. It is sweet.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Sweet Peyton

Faith and Peyton came over to play yesterday. The girls had so much fun. They played dolls and listened to music. Peyton is absolutely adorable! Thanks for the fun morning!

They had fun, really. I just couldn't get them to smile for these pictures. I kept saying, "Say cheese!" and they would both say in return, "cheese? I want cheese! Lunch!" It was pretty funny.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Saturday, October 21, 2006


We had a family outing to the Pumpkin patch today. Our family, my sister's fam, and my parents enjoyed the sunny day together. Plus, we saw Julia's family, Ashlynn's family, and the Austin fam!

When we took Jenna over to the patch of pumpkins (where TONS of pumpkins are), she said with the biggest eyes, "TWO PUMPKINS!"

Here are the cousins! They love each other, can't you tell!

Playing in the house

Our little family

After the pumpkin patch, we headed to my parents house. Davis hung out with Grandpa for quite a while. Here's a picture from when they returned from their explorations...

It's hard to tell, but they both have straw in their folks.

Thanks, everybody, for the fun day!

Friday, October 20, 2006

The Games of Jenna Lynn...

Fun time comes after nap time!
This is a picture I took after her nap...

Here's the story - The other day Jenna woke up from her nap, but didn't call for me. After a while I went to her door to listen. I heard things like, "pizza, pizza, pizza" and "ready, set, go!" I went in to find her having an absolute ball jumping and running around in her crib (Thanks to friend Jake for the fun "pizza jump" game!). She was going crazy and having such a fun time. It was silly.


Gotta love this fun game! "Push me mommy!" Oh, she loves to ride in her shopping cart. This garage sale purchase was one of the best! It is so much more than just a shopping cart!

Other favorite games include but are not limited to... "Tackle me daddy!" which is self explanatory, knocking down the stacking cups, and building "really tall towers" with Legos. Fun times.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bubbles in the cold...

Poor Jenna...will she ever see anything past her little bangs? Every day I try to pull them out of her face and every day they eventually fall. And with her cold, the bangs actually stick to the snot. Too much info? Sorry.
We are making the best of the last rays of sunshine by spending every semi-sunny moment outside. Jenna loves the outdoors. She loves bubbles, she loves to "fwing" (swing), and everything else outside. If she is having a rough afternoon, going for a walk outside will cure her fussiness. So, we will need something to help us through the winter months. Maybe some play dates? It is always fun to have friends over here...Jenna finds new life in her toys when she sees someone else play with them. And going over to other homes with all new toys is always a great idea. So, here is my invite...if anyone wants to get together this winter, call me!

Monday, October 16, 2006


I love this. Bono has launched an amazing campaign to help Africa. I feel like it could really make a difference, and that is exciting!

To read a quick summary of the campaign, go here:

For more information on products and other stuff, go here:

I am sure many have already heard about it from Oprah, but I thought I would spread the word too.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Wheels on the bus...

...starring Jenna Lynna!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Playing with Dad

Jenna always requests that Daddy lay on his tummy when they play together.

Friday, October 06, 2006

silly pictures

Jenna is quite a little parrot. She has been a parrot in her speech for quite some time. But lately, it is in everything. She tries to stand how we stand, crossing her arms. She wants to eat or color with the same hand as us. She asks, "this hand?" Here are some pictures we took today. She posed like me for each picture.

And then a big hug...