Friday, September 22, 2006

Favorite things...

Kids pick favorite things so early in life. They have strong opinions about what they want to do, where they want to go, what they want to watch, who they want to play with, etc!

Because of this fact, I have been learning to rephrase my words when talking to Jenna lately. For example, I used to say, "Jenna, do you want to go nigh-night?" And she would say "yes" to everything! Not so much anymore. Now instead of asking questions, I have to say, "Jenna, it's time to go nigh-night." It is not a question. It was never suppose to be a question. And when I stated it the old way, I meant it to be rhetorical. I can't ask if she wants to do something like go to bed! Of course she wants to stay up! I am learning daily how to be the mom to a child with opinions! It's fun :)

A favorite of Jenna's is a video called Wheels on the Bus. It is a rather cheesy movie that Jenna has absolutely fallen in LOVE with. They sing the song and then go to different destinations such as the zoo, a farm and an aquarium. Animals, songs, and singing animals! She loves every bit of it. (I'm not the biggest fan of the movie, but it could be worse.)

Here she is admiring the dvd case it comes in:

Here she is showing me the finger she closed inside the dvd case:

And here she is after I tell her that we can watch her movie:

So we watch it, about once a day.