Friday, September 13, 2013

Jenna's first day of 3rd grade!

Jenna loves school.  She loves learning, she loves the friendships, she loves projects and schedules and school supplies.  She loves every bit of it.  Here's my precious (baby) girl on her first day of 3rd grade.  I am so proud of her!

She was so excited to begin, even though her best friend moved to a new school.  Over the summer she only had one break down of emotions about losing her best friend.  After talking about what school is for (learning mainly, loving people, new friends, and more learning) she embraced what a new year would bring.  She is, like, way more mature and confident than I ever was :)

((PS...Every summer I wonder if we are sending the kids to the right school.  So many friends of ours homeschool, private school, or charter, especially at church and among very close friends that I love and respect.  But yet again once school started, I had/have total confidence that we are doing the exact right thing for our family and for our kids right now.  Phew.  It is good to be where God has you, even when it is very different than what He has for others.))


Faith said...

Amen to your PS. Glad I have a friend like you to navigate this public school path with! I hope both of your girls have a wonderful school year! And that you get a much deserved break with one at home..that will be me next Fall!!

Mae said...

Sweet Jenna. Oh how I love her. She is such a mature little 3rd grader. She truly loves everything there is about school and learning. Such a jewel.
I love your PS also. Each year I prayed and prayed for God to place my two children into the right class so that we as a family could minister to their teacher and students and God ALWAYS came through in showing us who we could help. We need lots of LIGHT in our public schools and Jenna and Elsie are not afraid to shine for Jesus. Great work you and my sonny are doing with my grands. My only wish is that we all lived closer. I miss them daily and I miss you and E too.

Mae said...

PS I am delighted that you are blogging again so I can keep closer catch up on my sweet grands. Love these blogs and photos. Keep em coming as you can.

Love Mimi

Anonymous said...