Friday, June 08, 2012

Happy Birthday Paxton!

Happy 1st Birthday Paxton!!  
One year ago today sweet Pax-man joined our family!

Dearest Pax-man, you are ONE!
You were not a big fan of being out of the womb... a week late!

 You cried for the first hour or so of life with the saddest little face.  You still have the sad face mastered with your square mouth cry and insta-tears.  But now you are a happy little guy!  
 You love to stand up, especially in the bath.  Look at that belly!  Adorable.  
 The kids love to play with you and laugh with you...and at you :)  You're so funny!
 You shake your head "no", sign "all done" when you are finished, scream at the top of your lungs when you need something (seriously buddy), and dance any time there is a beat.
 You love to discover new things and conquer new feats.  Your newest achievement is climbing...up stairs, onto the fireplace, and onto the couch (via the ottoman).  You loved these pinwheels at the beach!  You didn't like the sand, no matter now many times you tasted it :)
 This is my favorite cheese it up all the time with squinty eyes and a huge grin.  It just melts my heart.  How can you not smile when you see such joy!!  
What a year it has been!  Happy Birthday Pax-man!