Monday, March 19, 2012

Nine months!

Another big month for Paxton (but isn't ever month pretty big when you are a baby!?)...he started to crawl! Yikes! And thus he started eating every tiny piece of anything he finds on the floor! He is always chomp, chomp, chomping on something, whether it's a sticker, some leftovers he threw on the floor during lunch, or a leaf that blew in the front door. Poor guy. He's very good now to open his mouth when he sees me coming. But sometimes he finds something new that he likes and he locks that jaw shut! Yesterday he found some red bell pepper, and today some jicama, both of which he loved and would not let go!

He also grew two more teeth bringing the total to SIX! You can't see them in these pictures but trust me, they're there. That seems like a lot of pearly whites for a nine month old. His top teeth have a big gap right now, just like Elsie's. I love that :)

He cuddles and snuggles when he is sleepy, but not until we are in the room near his bed. The picture above was a rare precious moment. I love holding a sleeping baby but can't too often...but when I do my heart melts. Ahhhh, precious moments.

He's so much happier now that his teeth are in and he can crawl around. He just wanders around the house checking things out. He also enjoys his toys more, meaning that he actually plays with them a little instead of just shoving them in his mouth to soothe his aching gums. Oh, and he loves to play peek-a-boo, especially with Elsie. It's fun to see the different ways the girls interact. They are both really REALLY good with him. He loves them both and smiles when he sees them. Lately when the girls are in the bath together, Paxton will wander into the bathroom and play a game with them. Here's the game; he pushes all the shampoos, conditioners, toys, etc off the ledge and into the bath and then the girls put them back. Then he pushes them back into the tub. Fun for all!


CarrieM said...

That is some serious adorableness!

Brandy said...

So fun! I love the one of you holding him sleeping. Made my heart melt!