Saturday, March 10, 2012

Birthday party!

This year for Jenna's big SEVEN, we did a Baking Themed Birthday party! It was so so fun! We made invites to look like recipe cards and invited a few friends from church, a few from school, and a couple from the neighborhood. Seven little girls joined the Elsie and Jenna made nine happy, hyper, excited little chefs!
We hung balloons from the ceiling...
And set up the first activity. The girls decorated their own chef hats!
Here they are hard at work.
This little sister did such a good job acting like a big girl for the party!
We played two games; a present game and kitchen bingo. The first was like musical chairs except you pass around a present when the music is playing and when it stops the person holding the gift gets to open it. But inside the gift was two they passed those around and then when the music stopped the two girls opened them to find 4 gifts, and then 9 gifts. Each ended up with a tiny gift to open. A starburst was inside. They giggled and giggled when each new present was revealed.
You can see in Julia's face especially how funny they found the game...
Next I told them that they were going to MAKE their OWN dinner! They all screamed with excitement and Julia said, "I can't even believe how awesome this is, I am going to fall over!" and then she fell over. Cracked me up! The girls wrapped mini hotdogs in cresent rolls. They were creative using forks and knives to decorate, some even making the rolls to look like dogs.
Here they are enjoying their feast. We also had them pass around the dinner items and serve their own plates. They were such big girls and so polite and helpful to each other.
The next baking they got to do was to decorate their own miniture cake! I put two cupcakes on top of each other, a small one on top of a bigger one and frosted them with white frosting. Then I put colored frosting into ziplock baggies and gave them sprinkles and let them have at it! They had such fun decorating!
Here's the big 7 year old at work!
Elsie and her creation. She was so proud :)
Happy birthday sweet girl!
We fit seven candles on the cake and sang happy birthday and then let the kids eat their entire cakes. And wow did it ever give them a sugar rush! Thankfully it was a beautiful day and so we sent them outside to run around in the sunshine! It was such a fun party.


Faith said...

FUN! Fun to see all the pics. You had so much great stuff for them to do..kept them busy for sure. I may have to copy some of your ideas..I like that they made their own dinner. So cool. Good job mama

one of nettie's girls said...

Wow! That is just about the best party idea I have EVER seen for a bunch of little girls! You are so gifted at motherhood.

Cari said...

What a FUN party!! You have such wonderful ideas!!!

Mae said...

Oh I love it. I just hate that I could not be there. It looks like so much fun was had by all. Great job mommy Ming. You are very creative.