Friday, December 09, 2011

Six months old!

Paxton is 6 months old! And here's what he's been up too...

His favorite toy is not a toy, it's paper. Newspaper, the church bulletin, a napkin. If he gets his hands on it he will quickly devour it. And if you take it away - OH MY - he will cry some seriously sad tears!

His happy place is in the bathtub. If he is having a rough night, a little bath will cheer the little guy right up.

He also enjoys the jonny-jumper-thingy. Oh, and he loves eating the seat belt in his feeding chair. That is what he plays with during dinner.

He's started on some more exciting foods lately. Peas were so-so. Carrots made his whole body tremble - yuck! But he LOOOOVES him some squash :)

December has been a cold but sunny month so far, allowing us to head to the park a few times lately! Here are some precious pictures I took of him at the park...

Personal fav...
Another thing he loves is grabbing faces and giving big sloppy smooches. It is endearing... and wet!
And here you can see how much these two look alike! Look at the eyes, the ears, the forehead...they are twins! Love it!


Faith said...

I can't BELIEVE he is 6 months. He's such a cutie. Such a fun age:)