Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bowling Birthday

Elsie's Birthday celebration started off at Red Robin. She LOVED being sung to while standing on the chair. In fact, Jenna sang to her again and she got right back up on that chair for more birthday attention :)
Then we hit the bowling lanes! It was a GREAT way to party! The men bowled (Ryan won!) and the kids bowled (Weston won!) Here's the whole crowd...
Jackson loves Paxton :) Paxton seems to love him too!
Jenna bowling
Go Grandpa!
Weston, the bowling champ!
Davis and Jackson bowled without the ramp...impressive!
Then we headed to our house for cake and presents.
Elsie opened her present in about one minute. It was amazing. She tore through them faster than I have ever seen a kid open presents. In this picture, it had been about 4 seconds...
And then a minute later...
I think she had a happy birthday!


Faith said...

Fun! Love those family birthdays..such good memories:)