Thursday, September 08, 2011

Three months old!

Here's our big three month old! He is smiling and giggling. He sleeps pretty well, sometimes even 8 hour stretches (but sometimes not). He just started reaching for toys and holding onto things (especially our hair, ouch!). He is a happy and fun baby boy. He like to be rocked to sleep and just started humming/singing when he is being rocked. He sucks him thumb to go to sleep and is already drooling a ton :)
The Pax Man
Jenna at 3 months
Elsie at 3 months
Three very unique children. God is so creative.


CarrieM said...

Wow, Jenna's hair was really something! Kudos to Paxton for being such a great little guy.

Mae said...

Three very different gorgeous children. I love them so and miss them daily.
Love, Mimi