Wednesday, September 07, 2011

1st Grade!

What?! First grade?! No way. There is no way she is old enough to be at school all day! She is growing up so fast...too fast. But I must say that she is very ready for this transition and she is going to do great. Here she is on her first day of school!
Eric walked her to school, she said hi to some friends and bye to dad, and it was as easy as that. After school (which seemed SOOO long) she came home happy and ready to share about her day. She wasn't overly tired. She wasn't nervous about going back. She was happy and content. And Elsie and her had a grand time playing together for the evening after being apart all day. She is growing up, she is so independent. I am proud of the sweet grown up girl she is becoming. (I'm praying for you Jenna! You are not alone in this public school journey!)

And real quick, here is a picture of Jenna on her first day of Kindergarden!


CarrieM said...

Yay Jenna!

Mae said...

Oh how quick she is growing up. She is definitely ready for all day school. She is so talented and so intelligent. I'm eager to hear all her school stories.
I love you to the moon and back Jenna Lynn. (Mimi)