Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tillamook and Oceanside

Yesterday we took a spur of the moment trip to the beach and had a great day! Overall everything was so fun, but I want to give some of the real life details so that when I look back on this blog years from now I can remember what it was like to have three young ones...

First off, we did this trip spur of the moment so I had the girls pack their own bags full of extra clothes (important detail to keep in mind) and things to do in the car, and Eric and I bustled around packing all that we could think of. The kids got in the car and Eric started the movie... Meanwhile, Paxton spit up on himself and pooed so I had to change him and get him cleaned up. Then I remembered 10 more things we might need...and so the kids sat in the car in the garage watching that movie for a good 20 minutes before we hit the road.

Here we are at the Tillamook Cheese Factory! Eric took the kids in while I sat in the hot car feeding the sweet babe. Then we all toured the factory and were fascinated by how cheese is made. Then we enjoyed a pre-lunch ice cream cone. :)
It was a windy day at the beach which the kids didn't mind at all, but made it tough for Pax. But he was a trooper and we worked hard to keep him safe from the sand and sun.
There was a river flowing through the beach with warm water. We landed there because we couldn't carry all the stuff we brought any further. But it was a great place to land since the water was calm, pretty safe, and warmish.
Here's a family photo. Even I was impressed with my skills at taking this one. All five of us in the photo, AND the beach, AND the water, AND the rocks, AND no double chin!
Me and the kiddos
We ventured to the ocean to experience the COLD water and waves. Here are the girls running from the waves with their new friend

Jenna loved collecting sea shells

Elsie thoroughly enjoying the sand
Look at this kiddo, wet and sandy from head to toe. Then when I went to get her clothes that she packed, well, she only packed shorts. No undies, no shirt, just shorts. So, I put a 3-6 month onsie on her along with the shorts and called it good.
And here's the ride home, with another movie and a seriously exhausted Elsie.
Getting home we bathed the kids and put them all to bed. They were hot and a bit sunburned and struggled to fall asleep. Eric and I poured a little glass of wine and collapsed on the couch. It was a very fun day.


Faith said... the onesie thing. when you said you let them pack..I was nervous for what Elsie packed. Luke would have packed the same:) You are the queen of those pictures! Such a fun adventure!

CarrieM said...

I am so impressed with your adventurous nature! Babies and the beach have not been my strong suit. But I just got back from a weekend in Lincoln City with some girlfriends! Amazing time and nice weather, huh?

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