Monday, July 25, 2011

The tooth

For several weeks Jenna had a very loose tooth. She was so ready to loose that tooth. I could tell we were getting close so Jenna and I took an old onsie and made it into a tooth fairy pillow. Jenna helped with each step and chose how to decorate it. I was glad to use that precious onsie for a new special thing. Anyways, here she is (with her beautiful lips), proud of her finished project.
So she waited and waited and wiggled and wiggled, and finally, this BEAUTIFUL grown-up girl...
Now she talks with a touch of a lisp, and constantly sticks her tongue through the hole. Two more teeth are loose now, so I think the tooth fairy will be stopping by our house a lot in the next months.

Here is a close up of the pillow, tiny note the tooth fairy left, and the gold dollar.
And I have to tell a quick story about Elsie. Well, when Jenna woke up and found the dollar and note, she and Elsie were thrilled. Immediately Elsie went into this elaborate story about how she saw the tooth fairy when she came! According to Elsie, the tooth fairy is about a foot tall (she showed us with her hands), she doesn't have wings, and her name is Kiersten. I guess that Kiersten was looking for a baby which is why she woke Elsie up to talk to her. Elsie's story got more and more elaborate all morning long, but we tried to keep the focus on Jenna since it was her special day (and Elsie has a tendency to steal the spotlight, which is rough on the big sis sometimes). It was a fun and special event for our growing girl.


Faith said...

So cute. How exciting for Jenna. Love the pillow idea!! Love the story about Elsie...what a funny girl. Oh, and I'm glad to hear you give $1..that's what we (I mean the tooth fairy) do at our house and I have heard some people do $5, $10, $20 PER TOOTH! Um?????