Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kissable, lovable, huggable...

Paxton is FIVE weeks old! It's hard to believe it has been five weeks already, but it is also hard to remember life without the Pax-man! Paxton is starting to coo and smile. He is waking from his newborn slumber, so he is much more alert and has more awake time. He's been more fussy this past week, but hopefully that will pass as he grows a little more. He is a blessing and a love. Here are some pictures...

Just want to squeeeeeze those little cheeks!
So I did :)
Daddy's little Sooner fan!
There was about a week where Paxton wanted to sleep his naps on his tummy. I LOVE how cute babies look when the are all curled up on their bellies. Elsie was a tummy sleeper once her little neck was strong enough and sometimes she still sleeps with her bootie in the air.
Here's Paxton's first Friday Night Movie Night with dad and his sisters. He didn't last long time time, but he will love it when he's old enough. The girls cherish this time with dad.
A little comparison picture, Jenna-Elsie-Paxton. They are definitely siblings, but also unique.
I captured him smiling!!
Our favorite onsie :) Haha!
Life at home is getting better and better. Some days are a lot more exhausting than others, but we are getting into a groove. Jenna has been at VBS this week which has been so good for her. I think that the combination of Kindergarten ending and a new baby being born made for a rough time for her. She was used to schedule, interaction, brain stimulation, and time to grow and then all of a sudden her whole life was changed. We didn't realize how hard it was on her at first but when she starting acting out, we took notice and helped her through. Elsie has been Elsie. Wild and crazy, tired and hungry, happy and hilarious. Life didn't get rocked quite as much for her. Anyways, things are getting better and better with each passing day and I think our new normal is quite lovely.


CarrieM said...

Thanks for sharing those photos. What a darling baby.

Faith said...

LOVE THIS! It's so fun to see Eric with all THREE of his kids..precious. Now I just want to see a pic of you with all of them! Great update!