Thursday, June 02, 2011

Some pictures

Mimi needed some fresh pictures of the girls the other night, so Eric took these cute ones. These two girls bring such joy to my heart, and I know Paxton will just add to the joy and fill my heart all the more. It's hard to imagine that God loves me the way I love these kids. Not only that but he loves me MORE than I love my kids. Really puts his affections in perspective.

Friday night movie night. I was doing the dishes while the rest of the family started the movie. The Incredibles, I think. Anyways, this is what I came out to see. They love their daddy, and Linus loves to join the party, silly cat.
And just a quick pic of my garden. I did things simple this year. I didn't grow much from seed, and I put down an all natural weed blocker once everything was planted. Hopefully that will mean an easy veggie garden this summer, since I will be a little more busy than usual.

Come out little Paxton! You missed your due date, but that's okay. We are ready to meet you though!!


CarrieM said...

Thanks for showing your garden... We have planted a few things, but I think since it's been so cold and wet, we'll get really going if summer ever shows signs of arriving!

Tonya said...

Beautiful garden! I keep checking your blog to see if he is here, I am sure any day now! Hang in there.