Friday, May 27, 2011

to remember

Elsie says "ask-a-dent" instead of accident. It sounds so cute, and she always says it was so much emphasis and heart.

Jenna needs lots of hugs and love right now. She also wants to hug Paxton (my belly) constantly. I know that soon enough she will not want as many hugs so I'm loving all the love.

At night when I sing to the girls, Elsie pulls up her shirt, grabs my hand, and puts my hand on her belly so that I will rub it. She loves a good belly or back rub. She is a physical kid in so many ways.

Jenna listens to lyrics in the songs she hears and always asks about them. A month or so ago I had to explain a Taylor Swift song to her (You Belong with Me). Makes for an interesting conversation. She is so observant and thoughtful.

Elsie's story tonight:
"Mom, I have a funny joke. Once upon a time there was a cow. And there was a frog in the cows mouth. And there was Tinkerbell in there. And the cow said 'humm humm humm' and then the cow opened his mouth and the frog came out and Tinkerbell too."
Me: that's a good story Elsie
Elsie: No, it's a FUNNY story mom!


Faith said...

Love these. I am so glad we are both documenting this kind of stuff..we would NEVER remember it!