Thursday, May 26, 2011

Paxton's room

Faith came over the other day when both our husbands were working an evening shift and helped me decorate Paxton's room. We had dinner together and let the kids play and play and decorated all the while. It was a nice way to spend an evening without our husbands :) Anyways, here is the (nearly) finished product! I'm really happy with how simple and clean it looks, and I love how the gifts I have been given all work together to make the room so special.

The vintage Mickey sign from is Alison. Faith suggested we use a ribbon to hang it on the wall. It turned out so cute with the red polkadots. And the quilt on the chair is all Disney characters. My RD from college made it for me when she found out we were pregnant with Jenna! I haven't been able to properly display it all these years because the girl's rooms were pink and purple. It's a beautiful quilt and works perfect in Paxton's room!
This is a puzzle Eric and I did on our honeymoon 8+ years ago! Again, we never had the right place to hang it, but now we do :) And the bookshelf, well, I never would have thought to make it so cute. I would have filled it with books...boring! Faith is awesome.
And Faith made this adorable sign. I love it. It is hanging by the door. How cute is that!!
My friend Julia made this piece of art, isn't is perfect!? Love it!
A close up of the vintage Mickey
This kind of gives you an idea of how the room is set up. But pictures never do justice to room decor. The bookshelf is to the left, and the changing table to the right.
The little Mickey's on the chalk board were made Ang. As much as she denies it, she is quite talented in the craft department :)
And this is the map that Eric modge-podged. Looks awesome.
So, that's it. The only thing missing from the room is Paxton! I have an appointment tomorrow so we will see how things are coming and also set an induction date in case he never wants to come out. Apparently I provide a very warm and cozy environment :)