Monday, May 23, 2011

One Thousand Gifts

I started reading the book One Thousand Gifts and want to continue listing my blessings on here. Thinking through the simple blessings from God is such an amazing way to focus on the everyday beauty and love that God showers upon us. And amidst the hard times that my family is going through with the death of Eric's uncle and aunt this last week, it seems like today is a good day to list a few blessings.

116. Galan and Jan both are in the presence of God now. They are pain free and in His Glory.

117. Family who is able to be together, grieving their loss but celebrating the lives of their precious family members.

118. The sun shining into my window and birds chirping this morning.

119. Flowers planted in the front yard.

120. Dirt under my fingernails.

121. Sweet sisters enjoying time together before bed.

122. Enough time in each day to do exactly what God would have me do.